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Dubai 1995

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Date: 12-16 November 1995

Made by:


CH01                  C-130H       21sm
502/2-FA, 510/2-FG    Mirage 2000B EC02.002
627/3-IN              Mirage 2000D EC01.003
B01                   Rafale B     AMD
T-264                 KDC-10       334sq
J-018                 F-16A        nb (311sq)
J-508                 F-16A        nb (312sq) demo
374/AMF               Mushshak     Pakistan AF/AMF
5501                  L-139        Aero, c/n 295501
XZ733/342             Lynx HAS3SGM nb (815sq)
ZD740                 Tornado GR1  nb (31sq/DA)
1202                  Oryx         SAAF, c/n 02
'506' blue            MiG-29       MiG OKB, c/n 4501
'331' blue            MiG-29SM     MiG OKB, c/n 3916
'709' outl            Su-35        Sukhoi, c/n 79371011001
'21-93'               MiG-21-93    MiG OKB
87-0123               KC-10A       305th AMW
93-0603               C-17A        437th AW
64-0496/FT            C-130E       2nd AS
89-0502/SJ '355 FS'   F-15E        355th FS
91-469/SW             F-16D        77th FS
91-476/SW             F-16D        77th FS    flying
94-0171               OH-58D       Bell Textron, c/n 42139
87-24623              UH-60L       4/2nd ACR, c/n 70.1151
90-0324/3             AH-64D       MDHC
165094/JR             C-20G        VR-48
165319                AH-1W        Bell, c/n 26343
162136/HP-451         SH-60B       HSL-44, c/n 70.428
158215/215            P-3B         nb (VP-1)
DU201                 A109K2       Police, c/n 10024
404                   SF-260TP     UAE AF, c/n 1162004
131                   AB412HP      UAE AF
135                   AB412HP      UAE AF
321                   PC-6/B2-H4   UAE AF
C-GCGA                Ce208        on floats
C-GHRI                DHC-8-202    Saeaga Al (n/t)
C-GQBA                CL-415       Gvt. du Québec
D-CBBB                Beech 350    Augusta Air
D-CDXI/(B-12281)      Do328-110    Formosa AL
F-GSTA                A300-608ST   Airbus Industries
F-GPAM                Falcon 2000  Dassault Aviation
F-WREX                Falcon 900EX Dassault Aviation
HB-FOB                PC-12 Eagle  Pilatus
HB-FOE                PC-12        Pilatus
HB-HMR                PC-7 MkII    Pilatus
HB-HPI                PC-9         Pilatus, c/n B167
N114AT                RC114B       c/n 14619
N313CV                Ce560 Ultra  Cessna
N404SP                G.1159C      Gulfstream Aero.
N6003F, N6017G        RC114B       flying
N6025M, N6030F        RC114B       flying
N6025U                RC114B       c/n 14611
N752CX                Ce750        Cessna
N7771                 B777-200     Boeing
N877SE                CRJ100       TAG Aviation
N910SJ                L-100-30     Southern Air Tr.
N9124N                Bell 214
N92011                MD900        c/n 900-00011
OK-WDC                L-410UVP-E80 c/n 912531
OK-XYJ                Zlin 143L    c/n 0093
OY-GED                Beech 1900C  c/n UC-57
RA-29112              Mi-26        c/n 226210
RA-70937              Mi-17MD      Kazan Helicopters
RA-76436              IL-76TD
RF-55204              M-55 Geophisica
UR-48086              An-32 Waterbomber 

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