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Dubai 1999

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Date: 14-18 November 1999

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DU-201		A109K2		UAE Police
070 		AH64A		UAE AF	94-0338
137		SA342L		UAE AF	1759
811		CN235 		UAE AF	N027
312737/93-CI	C-135FR		ERV00.093
18/5-OF		Mirage2000C	EC02.005
19/5-OB		Mirage2000C	EC02.005
B01		Rafale B	Dassault
J-664		F-16AM		313sq
J-269		F-16B		306sq
T-264		KDC-10		334sq
88-0428/HL 	F-16CG		421st FS   "388OG"
88-0447/HL	F-16CG		421st FS:
161608/AB-115	F-14B		VF-102
163446/AB-400	F/A-18C		VFA-86 
163433/AB-403	F/A-18C		VFA-86
164867/AB-200	F/A-18C		VMFA-251 
XZ694/EX-420	Lynx HAS3GM	815sq
21-93		MiG-21		IAF?
952/52 blue	MiG-29		Russian AF 	
95-5385		Mushtak		Pakistan AF
7904		Hawk T65A	79sq RSAF 
7505		Tornado CS 	RSAF
F-16 88-0428 was wearing the flag of the UAE over its serial 
and code and the name "Desert Falcon".

811		CN235 		UAE AF	
812		CN235 		UAE AF	N028
1211, 311, 312	C-130H		UAE AF
140		SA342		UAE AF
DU-202		A109K2		UAE AF
2002		SA365?		UAE AF? 	grey c/s
97-0401 	C-37A 		99th AS
162143		C-2A		USN nn
163837/8G	UC-12M		Sigonella
1022		A310-304     	FBS BMVg
XX153		Hawk		Red Arrows 
64312		C-130E		Pakistan AF
130		BAe125		RSAF
552		BAC 1-11	Oman AF
46013/FG	DC-8-72CF   	ET03.060
5153/61-PJ 	C-130H-30  	ET02.061
111,112		C-130H		RSAF

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