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Dubai 2003

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Date: 7-11 December 2003

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3012   			CH-47D			EgyptAF/18sq, c/n M.3468	
9/5-OJ, 21/5-OZ		Mirage 2000C	        EC02.005                
301			Rafale B	        CEV                     
CSX55083/RS-30		MB339CD		        CSV/311°Gr              
CSX62144/RS-44		G222AAA		        CSV/311°Gr              
345			C-130H		        RJordAF/3sq             
03-02-810		K-8		        Pakistan AF             
03-02-812		K-8		        PakAF, c/n L03200307?   
95-5385			Sup Mushshak	        Pak. Aeron. Complex     
6073			L-159B		        Aero Vodochody          
305			SU-27SK		        Sukhoi, c/n 36911040102?
ZD436/48A +1		Harrier GR7A	        20(R)sq                 
80-0211/DM	        A-10A		        357th FS                
02-1103		        C-17A	                62nd AW                 
99-1431		        CC-130J	                143rd AS RI ANG         
97-0200/WR	        E-8C	                16th ACCS               
91-0335/LN	        F-15E	                494th FS                
89-2011/AV	        F-16CG	                510th FS                
89-2049/AV	        F-16CG	                510th FS "USAFE"        
84-0811/HO	        F-117A	                9th FS                  
158802/AB-500	        EA-6B	                VAQ-137                 
162166/40	        C-2A	                VRC-40                  
165299/AB-602	        E-2C-II	                VAW-123                 
158635/AB-104	        F-14A	                VF-211                  
158632/AB-103	        F-14A	                VF-211                  
165172/AB-310	        F/A-18C	                VFA-82                  
159507/RD-507	        P-3C	                VP-47                   
051		        AH-64A	                UAE AF/69ACG            
800	                Lj35A	                UAE Navy                
A6-EJA	                Lj60	                Execujet ME             
A6-ERB	                A340-541	        Emirates                
A6-FTB	                Bell 206B-3	        Horizon                 
A6-RJB	                G300		        Royal Jet               
A6-RJZ	                B737-7Z5	        Royal Jet               
A9C-BXB	                CL-604			Bexair                         
AP-BGH	                Beech 1900C	        Aventure Aviation?     
B-620L	                Y12E		        CATIC, c/n 006            
B-651L	                MA60		        CATIC/Xian Aircraft    
C-GIPZ	                CL-300		        Bombardier             
F-GUHB	                Falcon 2000EX	        Dassault               
F-GYCM	                Falcon 900EX	        Dassault               
F-ORAV	                Falcon 2000EX	        NetJets ME             
F-WWCA	                A340-642	        Airbus Industrie       
G-OBBJ	                B737-8DR	        Multiflight Jet Charter
HB-ITG			Global Express	        TAG Aviation           
I-FXRD	                P180		        Maserati                
I-SORV	                P68		        Vulcanair               
N8HZ	                Ce208B		        On Tine Aviation        
N45XR	                Lj45XR		        Bombardier              
N135SL	                EMB135BJ	        United Aviation        
N145SM	                Ce560XL		        Bexair                  
N295GA	                IAI1125SP	        Gulfstream Aerosp.     
N400GA	                G400		        Gulfstream Aerosp.      
N437GA	                G-IVSP		        NetJets ME              
N525CC	                Ce525A		        Cessna                  
N550GA	                G550		        Gulfstream Aerosp.      
N730BH	                EMB135BJ	        Briad Restaurant       
N954Q	                Ce750		        Cessna                  
N1011N	                B737-79U	        Boeing                 
N5017V	                B777-346ER	        Boeing                 
N72816	                Ce172S		        On Time Aviation        
PP-XJA	                EMB170-100	        Embraer                
ST-JAC	                An-26B-100	        Aerovista, c/n 07310203
UR-74038		An-74TK-200	        Kharkov (KSAMC)        
UR-14006		An-140		        Aeromost/XABKJB        
UR-48086		An-32P		        Aviant, c/n 2901       
ZS-PDZ			PC-12/45	        Execujet, c/n 525      
1x			A330		        Qatar                  
1x			A319			Qatar
1x			Maverick Jet Leader
Plus mock-ups of the EC635, Hawk, Eurofighter Typhoon, Saab Gripen and RQ-4A.

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