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Dubai 2005

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Date: 20-24 November 2005

Made by:


6700			R-99A		2/6º GAv/BrazilAF    
3002			CH-47D	        18sq/Egypt		M3472
MM62213			P180AM	        Sezione Aeromobili   
347			C-130H	        3sq/RJordanAF        
003			T-50	        RoKAF                
03-02-810		K-8	        PakistanAF           
777			MiG29-SMT	RSK MiG			35403
39816			JAS39D		SAAB Aerospace
81-0954/SP		OA-10A	        81st FS       
85-0073/DY		B-1B	        13th BS       
93-0604			C-17A	        437th AW      
03-8154			C-130J-30	403rd AW AFRC
86-0154/LN		F-15C		493rd FS       
01-2004/LN		F-15E	        494th FS "48FW"
89-2127/CC		F-16CG	        524th FS "27FW"
163694/AJ-603		E-2C	        VAW-124        
164454/AJ-610		SH-60F	        HS-3           
160143/AJ-700		S-3B	        VS-24          
3050			F-16E	        UAEAF          
074			AH-64D	        69ACG/UAEAF    
311			L-100-30	UAEAF
P-725			AB412EP		Sharjah Police

302			Rafale B	CEV
CMX616			M346		Aermacchi
001			T-50		RoKAF
03-02-812		K-8		Pakistan AF
95-6385			Super Mushak	Pakistan AF
918			MiG29SMT	RSK MiG
6073			L-159B		Aero Vodochody
39227			JAS39C		Saab Aerospace
ZJ124/H			Merlin HC3	28sq
81-0966/SP		A-10A		81st FS
81-0991/SP		OA-10A		81st FS
86-0117			B-1B		nmks
86-0164/LN, 86-0166/LN	F-15C		493rd FS
3056			F-16E		UAEAF

Exhibition hall:
JY-SM3			Sama CH2000				25-10

DU-133			SA365N-1	Dubai Police
A6-HRM			B747-422	Dubai Air Wing
RA-76429		IL-76TD		MCHS Rossii

Flying only:
60-0012/LA		B-52H		20th BS			20th/21st

Visitors 20th:
EP-TQI			IL-76TD		Qeshm Air
RA-42411		Yak-42
RA-76453		IL-76
UR-42328		Yak-42

Visitors 21st	:
5153/61-PJ		C-130H-30	ET02.061
KAF324			L-130-30	41sq/Kuwait AF
EP-TQJ			IL-76TD		Qeshm Air
G-GSSC			B747-47UF	Global Supply Syst.
HZ-MBA			B727-21		nn
N334UP			B767-34AF	UPS
RA-76842		IL-76TD		a/w

Visitors 22nd:
1604			C-130H		16sq/RSAF
KAF324			L-130-30	41sq/Kuwait AF
A6-FTH			Bell 206B	ex UAEAF 465
A6-HHH			G-IV		Dubai Air Wing
UR-76636		IL-76MD

Visitors 23rd:
MM62172			Falcon 900EX	93ºGr             
KAF324	                L-130-30	41sq/Kuwait AF    
10689	                C-130E		Pakistan AF               
94-7317	                C-130H		731st AS AFRC             
A6-YST	                Beech 1900D	Amiri Flight      
5Y-AXD	                DC-9-32		African Express           
B-HVZ	                B747-267F	Cathay Pacific    
ET-AKE	                B757-260	Ethiopian Airlines
HL7739	                B777-28EER	Asiana Airlines   
JY-AIA	                A340-212	Royal Jordanian   
OK-WAB	                A310-304ET	CSA               
S2-ADE	                A310-325	Biman Bangladesh  
TF-AMD	                B747-243B	Air Atlanta       

Visitors 24th:
553			BAC111-485	4sq/OmanAF
AP-BGV			A320-231	Air Blue
EP-MCE			Tu-154M		Iran Air Tours
EW-78779		IL-76TD		TAExport
EW-78843		IL-76TD		TAExport
JY-JAD			B737-322	Jordan Aviation
RA-85786		Tu-154M		Kolavia (Aria Air titles)
RDPL-34146		IL-76TD		Imtrek Aviation
SU-EAF			Tu-204		Mahan Air
VP-CJN			B727-76		nn
YU-AJK			DC-9-32		Eastern SkyJets

Others seen during the duration of the show:
A6-AIN			B737-7Z5	Amiri Flight  
A6-BBB	                AB139		Royal Jet             
A6-RJA	                G300		Royal Jet             
A9C-BXD	                CL-604		Bexair                
C-FGRE	                CRJ700		United Express        
F-WWDD	                A380-841	Airbus        
F-WWEU	                ATR72-212A	Air Madagascar
HB-JEX	                Global Express                
HB-VOB	                BAe125-800XPi                 
HZ-AFA	                Global Express                
N132SV	                Ce680                         
N140AE	                Global 5000                   
N142HC	                G450                          
N188AM	                BN-2T                         
N238CX	                Ce750                         
N517LR	                BAe125-1000B	Elite Jets    
N606GA	                G200                          
N900UD	                Ce650                         
N6066Z	                B777-200LR	Boeing        
N6128Y	                Raytheon 390                  
OK-KKG	                ERJ135BJ	ABS Jets      
PP-XJG	                ERJ175		Embraer               
UR-YVA	                An-74TK-300	Ukraine Gvmt  
ZS-POT	                Beech 400A                    
ZS-ULT	                Lj45                          
ZS-YEA	                PC-12/45	Richtrau No46 

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