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Dubai 2006

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Date: 5 December 2006

Made by:


075		AH-64A		UAE Army            
324	        AB412SP	        UAE AF              
125	        AS332B	        UAE Navy	2049
A6-AWB 	        AW139	        Abu Dhabi Aviation  
A6-BAP	        Bell412EP		    
A6-DBY	        A109E		Helidubai	    
A6-FLS	        A109S	        FAS	           
A6-FTA	        AB206B	        Horizon	           
A6-JMR	        A109E	        Helidubai	   
DU-323	        AB412SP	        Dubai Civil Defence
Agusta-Bell 412 324 is also destined for the civil defence for fire 
fighting purposes together with the recently delivered DU-323.

A6-ALO		Bell 206L-3	Aerogulf	31435
A6-FLA		A109E		FAS	

P-725		AB412EP		UAE Police
A6-ALP		Bell 206B-3	Aerogulf	
A6-FTR		R44
N902LH		MD902		JARA		0041

96-00108	UC-35A1		USArmy
A6-FLB		EC130-B4	FAS	
A6-FOX		EC130-B		4013
A6-ONE		A109E		
HZ-BL1		Ce525
The Helitech took place at the Dubai Airshow premises on the Southwest 
side of the airport. The show itself was rather small, but the very limited 
number of visitors also provided the opportunity for everyone to pass the 
new 5-meter high fence that nowadays defines the public area. The location 
also proved to be the best for unhindered photography of the normal Dubai traffic.

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