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Dubai 2011

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Dubai Air Show 13 – 17 November 2011
63 AH-64D 10th Army Aviation Group 70-3582
729 Mirage 2000-9AED UAEAF & AD   54062
1225 C-17A UAEAF & AD  
2651 UH-60M PGAG/18  
2805 Bell 407 UAEAF & AD static 14-17
3072 F-16E UAEAF& AD  
435 MB339NAT Al Fursan  
125/104-GD Rafale C EC03.030  
CSX55144 T-346A AMI  
06-09-815/815 K-8P 1(AFT)sq/Sherdils 025, flightline 16-17
11-130 JF-17 16sq  
97-6394/394 Super Mushshak Pakistan AF    
10025 Saab 2000AEW 13sq  
83-024/ZZ F-15C 44th FS  
1-7-7173 C-17A 436/512 AW  
1-8-3172 C-130J-30 317th AG  
165824/NG-602 E-2C VAW-112  
165940 MV-22B Bell-Boeing flightline 16-17  
166434/NG-200 F/A-18E VFA-14  
166569/NG-702 MH-60R HSM-71  
N360BJ B737-7ESAEW&CTurkish AF   13 only
256, 278 YABHON HMD    
537 YABHON-N UAV   31102
A6-DFR B737-7BC Royal Jet  
A4O-DE A330-343E Oman Air D4-223
A6-AJC A318-112 Al Jaber Aviation 13, 14 only
A6-AWP AW139 Abu Dhabi Aviation 42-363
A6-FAE DA-40TDi   42-364
A6-FDV B737-8KN FlyDubai  
  A300B4-605R Rus Aviation “Sami”
  B747-228F Midex “Midex 9” from 14th
A6-FTX DA-42NG    
A6-FTY DA-42NG   14500944
A6-JET CL-850 Execujet Middle East A6-JIL HA0003
A6-MBS CL-605 Execujet Middle East A6-MDI 258792
A6-WSL AS350B3 Helidubai 4218
A7-BBB B777-2DZLR Qatar Airways  
A6-NKL ERJ135BJ Nakheel Aviation  
A6-PJB Hawker 900XP Prestige Jet  
A6-TBF Hawker 850XP Elite Jets FL-744
A7-CEE Global 5000 Qatar Executive N169CA 228
G-RBNS ERJ135BJ London Ex. Av. 14501121
CN-SHS ERJ190BJ Dalia Air 1291
D-CCIS Beech 350i   102, also flying
F-HBIP Falcon 2000LX    
HB-FVM PC-12/47E   112
HB-HZD PC-21 Pilatus 1220
HB-JGE Global XRS TAG Aviation  
HZ-SPAI Falcon 7X Saudi Private Aviation 7
I-PDVS P.180   BY-117
N150GA G150 Gulfstream Aerospace 286
N96RX Ce750    
N110DJ EA500    
N117EU Beech B200GT Hawker Beechcraft HA-0186
N162NS Falcon 2000LX NetJets Middle East RB-278
N169CA B757-236 National Airways  
N186XP Hawker 900XP   FL-463
N383LJ Lj60XR   60-383
N278AP Premier 1A   RK-28
N305CL CL-300    
  Ce525B   525B-0024
N352BC Beech 350 L3 Comm’s 3209
N401NX Beech 400XT   680-0017
N407AH Bell 407AH Bell Helicopter Textron N424CJ 4225
N430FJ Do328-310    
N448RT Ce680   RC-60
N450GD G450   5313
N787BX B787-8 Boeing  
N860AP Hawker 4000   FL-667
N888VS G550    
N900TR Global 5000    
N1459 Beech 350 Hawker Beechcraft  
N3000B T-6C Beechcraft CL-800
N10984 Bell 429 Bell Helicopter Textron 40-N039
OE-IGS Global Express   42-M013
OE-VPT DA-40NG    
OE-VRX DA-42M-NG    
PH-CHT Falcon 2000EX Flying Group  
PH-CTH Falcon 2000LX Flying Group from 14th
SU-SMI DHC-8-402 Smart Aviation  
UP-MI219 Mi-2 Aerospace Consortium 15 only
VT-JWL A330-202 Jet Airways  
9H-AWK A320-214 Comlux  
9M-MUB A330-223F Malaysia Airlines  
... SAFAT 02 based on Aerokopter AK1-3  
... SAFAT 03 based on UTVA-75  
Inside Exhibition Halls:
27 CT-450    
230 YABHON-HMD    
G-HAAT MD900 Police Avn Serv  
Flight Line:
724 Mirage 2000-9AED UAEAF & AD    
740 Mirage 2000-9AED UAEAF & AD    
3070 F-16E UAEAF & AD  
3076 F-16E UAEAF & AD  
3081 F-16E UAEAF & AD  
124/104-GC Rafale C EC03.030 4033
314/104-HP Rafale B EC03.030  
C.P.X615/001 M346 Alenia  
C.S.X62127 C-27J AMI  
06-09-819 K-8P 1(AFT)sq/Sherdils  
10-128 JF-17 16sq  
11-134 JF-17 16sq  
95-6385/385 Super Mushshak Pakistan AF    
ZJ921/QO-H Typhoon FGR4 3(F)sq  
ZJ942/DH Typhoon FGR4 XI(F)sq static 14-17
87-0176/SJ F-15E 336th FS  
88-1682/SJ F-15E 336th FS  
B-015L MA600 AVIC  
N106HX AH-6i Boeing  
Flying Only:
1-7-2013 MB339NAT Al Fursan 17 only
312 L-100-30 UAEAF & AD 11, 13, 14
Patrouille de France Alpha Jets:
E46, E85/1, E130, E158, E162/7, E163/8
A6-EBB B777-36NER Emirates 16
2351 AS550C3 UAE Army, all green c/s 13
2558 CH-47C+ UAE Army 15
2002 SA365N3 VIP Flight 11
2008 AW139 VIP Flight 12
2010 AW139 VIP Flight 11
MM62244 Falcon 900EX 93°Gruppo TS 13
KAF325 C-130H 41sq 15
554 A320-214 RAFO 13
A40-GD G550 Oman Gvmt 16
HZ-101 B737-7DP 1sq/Royal Flight 14, 15
HZ-103 G-IV 1sq/Royal Flight 16
HZ-130 Hawker 800B 1sq/Royal Flight 14
HZ-135 Ce550 1sq/Royal Flight 15
... Falcon 900 451 Esc 13
01-0040 C-40B USAF 13
A6-JMR A109E   14
A9C-AWL BAe146-RJ100 Bahrain Gvmt  
A7-HHJ A319-133X Qatar Gvmt  
A7-MHH A319-115X Qatar Gvmt  

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