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Benson 1969

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Date: 20 September 1969

Made by: LAAS Aviation News and Review, Paul Seymour


XN815		Argosy C.1		114/267sq
XN819		Argosy C.1		114/267sq
XN820		Argosy C.1		114/267sq
XN848		Argosy C.1		114/267sq
XN852		Argosy C.1		114/267sq
XN853		Argosy C.1		114/267sq
XN854		Argosy C.1		114/267sq
XN856		Argosy C.1		114/267sq
XN857		Argosy C.1		114/267sq
XP142		Argosy C.1		114/267sq
XP409		Argosy C.1		114/267sq
XP410		Argosy C.1		114/267sq
XP437		Argosy C.1		114/267sq
XP438		Argosy C.1		114/267sq
XP442		Argosy C.1		114/267sq
XR106		Argosy C.1		114/267sq
XR109		Argosy C.1		114/267sq
XR135		Argosy C.1		114/267sq
XR136		Argosy C.1		114/267sq
XR138		Argosy C.1		114/267sq
XR139		Argosy C.1		114/267sq
XS610		Andover			46sq
XS600		Andover			46sq
XS793		Andover			46sq?
XR369		Belfast C.1		53sq
XR370		Belfast C.1		53sq
XS739/F		Dominie T.1		1ANS
XS727/G		Dominie T.1		1ANS
XS734/I		Dominie T.1		1ANS
XS737/K		Dominie T.1		1ANS
XS928/D 	Lightning 		11sq
XS898/K		Lightning		5sq
XS893/B		Lightning		5sq
XP668/22	Jet Provost T.4		1FTS
XR666/47	Jet Provost T.4		1FTS
XS177/43	Jet Provost T.4		1FTS
XP676/64	Jet Provost T.4		1FTS
XR670/54	Jet Provost T.4		1FTS
XP679/36	Jet Provost T.4		1FTS
XP683/51	Jet Provost T.4		1FTS
XV218		Hercules C.1		30/47sq
XV293		Hercules C.1		30/47sq
XV298		Hercules C.1		30/47sq
WH724/C		Canberra T.19 		85sq
WH803/X 	Canberra PR.7 		ex-17sq
XH593 		Victor K.1A 		TTF
XH619 		Victor K.1A 		57sq
XH672 		Victor SR.2 		543sq
XN498 		Britannia C.1 		99/511sq
XV563/013 	Phantom FG.1 		892sq
XP926/763-BY 	Gannet AEW.3 		849sq
XV867/611-LM 	Buccaneer S.2 		803sq
PA474/KM-B 	Lancaster
LF363/LE-D 	Hurricane
XN699/752 	Sea Vixen FAW.2 	ex-899sq?
XP915 		Comet 3B 		BLEU
A1742 		Scout Replica
XR540		Gnat T.1		Red Arrows
XR991		Gnat T.1		Red Arrows
XR992		Gnat T.1		Red Arrows
XR993		Gnat T.1		Red Arrows
XR994		Gnat T.1		Red Arrows
XR995		Gnat T.1		Red Arrows
XR996		Gnat T.1		Red Arrows
XR986		Gnat T.1		Red Arrows
XR987		Gnat T.1		Red Arrows
XS111		Gnat T.1		Red Arrows
WL637/C		Varsity T.1		2ANS
WL669/J		Varsity T.1		2ANS
WF385/H		Varsity T.1		2ANS
XS770		Basset CC.1		26sq
XH563		Vulcan B.2		Scampton Wing
XL427		Vulcan B.2		Scampton Wing
XR520/B		Wessex HC.2		72sq
XR505/N		Wessex HC.2		72sq
XS676/L		Wessex HC.2		72sq
XS678/K		Wessex HC.2		72sq
XS655/Z		Wessex HC.2		72sq
XT674/Q		Wessex HC.2		72sq
XF375		Hunter F.6		ETPS
XJ639/8 	Hunter F.6 		63sq/229OCU
XV633 		Wasp HAS.1 		829sq
XR237 		Auster AOP.		9 AAC
XT638 		Scout AH.1 		AAC
WK941 		Meteor F.8 		Chivenor Sta.Flt/229OCU
WV746 		Pembroke C.1 		21sq
XV757 		Harrier Gr.1
TE311		Spitfire
AB910		Spitfire
191904/25	ME.163b
XT206		Sioux HT.1		AAC
XT193		Sioux HT.1		AAC
XT498		Sioux HT.1		AAC
XT134		Sioux HT.1		AAC
XW192		Sioux HT.1		AAC
XR806 		VC-10 			10sq
WP903		Chipmunk T.10		Bristol UAS
WB872/B		Chipmunk T.10		Bristol UAS
WP811		Chipmunk T.10		Bristol UAS
WB567		Chipmunk T.10		Bristol UAS
WB872		Chipmunk T.10		Bristol UAS

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