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Biggin Hill 1986

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Date: 17 May 1986

Made by: Jason Ganner


ET-272          Hunter
235            	Mirage F.1
80-0207        	A-10
82-0647        	A-10
44-85784	B-17
133722          Corsair  
AR213           Spitfire
EX280           T-6
FE992           T-6
FT239           T-6
LA226           Spitfire
MH434        	Spitfire
ML407           Spitfire
PA474           Lancaster
SL674           Spitfire
TB382           Spitfire
TW641           Auster
WA669           Meteor
WK127           Canberra
WZ507           Vampire
XH304           Vampire
XJ348           DH.104
XJ763           Whirlwind
XR658           Jet Provost
XS493           Wessex
XS637           H.S.780
XV501           F-4
XV808           Harrier
XW857           Gazelle
XW863           Gazelle
XW871           Gazelle
XW891           Gazelle
XW906           Gazelle
XW907           Gazelle
XX182           Hawk
XX238           Hawk
XX396           Gazelle
XX491           Jetstream
XX889           Buccaneer
XX894           Buccaneer
XZ138           Harrier
XZ931           Gazelle
ZA366           Tornado
ZA544           Tornado
D-EKSC        	SC-01 
F-GEUA          C.172 
G-ADNE          DH.87 
G-AIDL          DH.89 
G-AIXD          DH.82 
G-AIZZ          J/1   
G-AMPY          C-47  
G-AMZI          J/5   
G-AOJH          DH.83 
G-AOKH          P.40  
G-ARDE          DH.104
G-ARFV          T.66  
G-ASDA          Be.65 
G-ASJU          RC-520
G-ASSW          PA-28 
G-ATJN          Jodel 
G-ATJP          PA-23 
G-AVFU          PA-32 
G-AVHL          Jodel 
G-AVNM          PA-28 
G-AVNO          PA-28 
G-AVNU          PA-28 
G-AVNY          RF.4  
G-AVWO          PA-28R
G-AWCO          C.150 
G-AXPA        	Pup   
G-AZDD          Bo.209
G-AZSC          T-6   
G-AZVP          C.177 
G-AZXR          BN-2  
G-BAHO          Be.23 
G-BAKJ          PA-30 
G-BBGH          AA-5  
G-BBJV          C.177 
G-BBNT          PA-31 
G-BBOH          Pitts 
G-BBTU          ST-10 
G-BBVE          C.340 
G-BCEX          PA-23 
G-BCRB          C.172 
G-BCRL          PA-28 
G-BDAL          RC-500
G-BDEN          SF-260
G-BDTX          C.150 
G-BEOK          C.150 
G-BERA          Rallye
G-BFJZ          Robin
G-BFLK        	C.152     
G-BGPB          T-6       
G-BGPJ          PA-28     
G-BGSE          Pitts     
G-BGWW          PA-23     
G-BHXV          B.206     
G-BHYS          PA-28     
G-BIHD          Robin     
G-BIJT          AA-5      
G-BIJW          C.152     
G-BIJX          C.152     
G-BILK          C.152     
G-BIOM          C.152     
G-BIWR          M.20      
G-BJLO          PA-31     
G-BJWH          C.172     
G-BKAY          RC-114    
G-BKDN          SD-330    
G-BKDO          SD-330    
G-BKSR          C.550     
G-BKUE          TB-9      
G-BKVB          Rallye    
G-BLFZ          PA-31     
G-BLLP          T-67      
G-BLXX          PA-23     
G-BLZH          C.152     
G-BMIM          Long Ez   
G-BMKA          Robin 3000
G-BMLH          M.20      
G-BMPZ          C.421     
G-BSSL          Be.65     
G-BSVP          PA-23     
G-BTOW          Rallye    
G-BXAZ          PA-31     
G-DATA          EMB-110   
G-EMMY        	Vari Eze
G-FIRE          Spitfire
G-FLYI          PA-34   
G-GCKI          M.20    
G-HAEC          P-51    
G-IDEA          AA-5    
G-IFLI          AA-5
G-ISLE          SD-360
G-JETP        	Jet Provost
G-KING          PA-38      
G-LUNA          PA-32RT    
G-MAXI          PA-34      
G-MIST          C.210      
G-OSEA          BN-2       
G-PMNL          EA-230     
G-PROP          AA-5       
G-PROV          Jet Provost
G-PTWO          P.2        
G-PURR          AA-5       
G-SAHI          SAH-1  
G-SOFY        	PA-46
G-TEDS         	TB-10
G-TJET        	T-33 
G-WREN          Pitts
G-ZERO          AA-5 
HA-FAB          C.337
HA-SIA          Z.50 
HA-SIB          Z.50 
HA-SIC          Z.50 
N12FU        	A.109
N444M        	Widgeon
N626GS        	C.310
N5063N          Be.18
N94466          P-40 
OO-CNC          C.172
OO-FLG          PA-38
OO-FLM          PA-28
OO-JLM         	C.177   
OO-JRD        	C.172
OO-SHC          C.172
OO-SHD          C.172
OO-TWA          PA-28
OO-WAC          C.152
PH-DDA          C-47 
PH-TWI          PA-34
SE-IFR          C.172
VH-NMK        	Be.36

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