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Boscombe Down 1988

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Date: 30 July 1988

Made by: Jason Ganner


E-606            	F-16A
2831              	TF-104G
XS606            	Andover    
ZE432                   BAC 1-11   
XT283                   Buccaneer  
XW534                   Buccaneer  
XW987                   Buccaneer  
XV219                   C-130K     
ZA947                   C-47       
WT309                   Canberra   
XS235                   Comet      
VP968                   Devon      
WP964                   DHC-1      
XZ939                   Gazelle    
XW267                   Harrier    
ZD320                   Harrier    
ZD328                   Harrier    
ZD992                   Harrier    
XX341                   Hawk       
XX342                   Hawk       
XX343                   Hawk       
XL564                   Hunter     
XL612                   Hunter     
XX145                   Jaguar     
XX830                   Jaguar     
XS230                   Jet Provost
XL629            	Lightning        (gate guard)  
XS422            	Lightning
ZD560                   Lynx     
XV242                   Nimrod   
ZF622                   PA-31    
XT597                   Phantom  
XP849                   Scout    
ZF115                   Sea King 
XV370                   SH-3     
FT375                   T-6      
KF183                   T-6      
ZA553                   Tornado  
ZD716                   Tornado  
ZD749                   Tornado  
ZD900                   Tornado  
ZD935                   Tornado  
ZF135                   Tucano   
XT661                   Viscount 
XS509                   Wessex   
G-AGZZ            	DH.82  
G-AWFN                  D.62   
G-AYYO                  Jodel  
G-BKLT                  Gazelle
G-BZWW                  ATP    
G-SUTT                  H.369  

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