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Coningsby 1990

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Date: 16 June 1990

Made by:


E-192             F-16A                 RDAF 
ET-210            F-16B                 RDAF 
A-247             Alouette 3            GpLV 
B-71              Bo105CB               299sq 
81-0965/WR        A-10A                 81TFW 
84-1274/HR        F-16C                 50TFW 
84-1303/HR        F-16C                 50TFW 
83-0412           C-23A                 10MAS 
XT287/287         Buccaneer S2B         nn 
XX309/309         Hawk T1               nn 
XX265/U           Hawk T1A              151sq 
XZ369/EF          Jaguar GR1A           6sq 
XX491/K           Jetstream T1          6FTS 
XV582/M           Phantom FG1           111sq 
ZE251/DA          Tornado F3            11sq 
ZE252/AY          Tornado F3            229OCU 
ZE338/BB          Tornado F3            29sq 
ZE762/CA          Tornado F3            5sq 
ZE812/EA          Tornado F3            23sq 
ZE858/FB          Tornado F3            25sq 
ZE862             Tornado F3            F3OCU 
ZE968/HE          Tornado F3            111sq 
ZA560/C           Tornado GR1           617sq 
ZF204/204         Tucano T1             CFS 
XL231             Victor K2             57sq 
XV728/A           Wessex HC2            72sq 

Hangar Display: 
ZE254/BG          Tornado F3            29sq 
ZE911             Tornado F3            F3OCU 
ZE737/CE          Tornado F3            5sq 
ZE941/CI          Tornado F3            5sq 
ZE163/CF          Tornado F3            5sq 
ZE734/CJ          Tornado F3            tail only 

Tornado F3 line-up: 
ZE154/AD          Tornado F3            229OCU 
ZE162/AW          Tornado F3            229OCU 
ZE166/AF          Tornado F3            229OCU 
ZE202/AH          Tornado F3            229OCU 
ZE209/AS          Tornado F3            229OCU 
ZE253/AB          Tornado F3            229OCU 
ZE287/AE          Tornado F3            229OCU 
ZE291/AZ          Tornado F3            229OCU 
ZE292/AU          Tornado F3            229OCU 
ZE340/AG          Tornado F3            229OCU 
ZE728/AA          Tornado F3            229OCU 
ZE785/AO          Tornado F3            229OCU 

Tornado F3 line-up other side: 
ZE256/AJ          Tornado F3            229OCU 
ZE293/AC          Tornado F3            229OCU 
ZE294/AQ          Tornado F3            229OCU 
ZE295/AR          Tornado F3            229OCU 
ZE296/AM          Tornado F3            229OCU 
ZE339/AX          Tornado F3            229OCU 
ZE343/AI          Tornado F3            229OCU 
ZE735/AL          Tornado F3            229OCU 
ZE793/AK          Tornado F3            229OCU 
ZE341/BC          Tornado F3            29sq 

FA75              F-16A                 nn 
FA88              F-16A                 nn 
J-068             F-16B                 315sq 
J-060             F-16A                 315sq 
68-0053/UH        F-111E                79TFS 
68-0020/UH        F-111E                mlt/20TFW 
ZA707/EV          Chinook HC1           7sq 
ZD346/E           Harrier GR5           233OCU 
ZD348/G           Harrier GR5           233OCU 
XX317/317         Hawk T1A              234sq 
XX339/339         Hawk T1A              234sq 
XV206/206         Hercules C1P          LTW 
XV300/300         Hercules C1P          LTW 
LF363/GN-A        Hurricane 2c          BoBMF 
PZ865/RF-U        Hurricane 2c          BoBMF 
XX965             Jaguar GR1A           nn 
PA474/PM-M2       Lancaster B1          BoBMF 
XT892/CQ          Phantom FGR2          228OCU 
XT900/CO          Phantom FGR2          228OCU 
WG655/910-GN      Sea Fury T20          FAAHF 
PS853             Spitfire PR19         BoBMF 
ZE907             Tornado F3            229OCU 
ZF205/205         Tucano T1             CFS 
ZF210/210         Tucano T1             CFS 
WR410/N           Venom 
511371            P-51D 

Flying only: 
ML814/G-BJHS      Short Sunderland V 

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