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Farnborough 1946

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Date: 28 June 1946

Made by: Howard J. Curtis


G-AGKX  	Short Sandringham I
G-AGNL  	Avro York (BOAC)
G-AGOM  	Vickers Viking I
G-AGOS  	Reid & Sigrist Desford
G-AGPJ  	DH Dove 1
G-AGPV  	Bristol Freighter 1
G-AGRC  	Avro Tudor I
G-AGSU  	Avro Tudor 2
G-AGTC  	Percival Proctor V
G-AGUS  	Miles Gemini IA
G-AGWO  	Miles Aerovan II
G-AHEX  	Avro York (BSAA)
G-AHHD  	Auster Autocrat
G-AHJZ  	Airspeed Consul
U-10    	HP Marathon
R2496   	Martin-Baker MB.5
EE454   	Gloster Meteor IV 'Britannia'
EE522   	Gloster Meteor F.IV
EK746   	Blackburn Firebrand TF.IV
LA610   	Hawker Fury F.I
LL780   	Avro Lancaster III
MW313   	Avro York C.I
MZ271   	Short Seaford GR.I
NR598   	Miles Martinet TT.I
NT720   	DH Mosquito FB.VI 
NT913   	Bristol Beaufighter TF.X
NX147   	Hawker Tempest F.VI
PW979   	Miles Queen Martinet I
PX336   	DH Hornet F.III
RA356   	Fairey Spearfish TD.I
RB522   	Supermarine Spiteful F.XIV
RD922   	Supermarine Sea Otter ASR.II
RE415   	Avro Lincoln B.II
RH742   	Bristol Brigand TF.I
RK787   	Short Sturgeon I
RL263   	DH Mosquito NF.36
RR944   	GAL Hamilcar I
RX173   	Supermarine Seafire III (Catapult)
RT892   	HP Halifax A.IX
RZ246   	Airspeed Horsa II
SW367   	Avro Lancaster ASR.III
SW813  		Supermarine Seafire XV (R.A.T.O.G.)
SX314   	Supermarine Seafire XVII (Accelerator)
TE580   	HP Hastings C.I
TG285   	DH Vampire F.I
TV163   	Percival Prentice T.I 
TW562   	Auster AOP.VI
TW687   	Fairey Firefly F.IV
VB895   	Supermarine Seafang FR.32
VN318   	Supermarine Spitfire F.24

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