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Farnborough 1994

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Date: September 1994

Made by: Alexis Antonakis, Peter Vercruijsse

Updated: 3 November 2002

REG            TYPE               OPERATOR             NOTES 
02 BLACK       SU-29LL 
146401         CH-146             CAF 
155 BLUE       MIG-29 
159320         P-3                USN 
163499         F-18               USN 
163505         F-18               USN 
164802         SH-60              USN 
165094         GIV                USN 
165171         AH-1               USMC 
30935          OH-58              USA 
387            F-5                NORW A/F 
5501           L-139              CZECH AIR FORCE 
5539           AS555              FRENCH ARMY          Coded AYH 
598            SU-27 
603            SU-30MK 
616            MIRAGE 2000        AdlA 
70-0460        C-5                USAF 
703            SU-35 
87-0072        CH-47              USA 
87-0712        AH-64A             USA 
88-26040       UH-60              USA 
88-26112       MH-60G             USAF 
90-0248        F-15               USAF                 Coded LN 
91-410         F-16               USAF                 Coded SP 
91-416         F-16               USAF                 Coded SP 
92-1535        C-130              USAF ANG 
92-3294        C-17               USAF 
999 GREY       MIG-29 
A18-408        N24                RAA                  Not confirmed 
ANG-20         BR1150-II          FRENCH NAVY 
BX-1           MIRAGE 2000        AdlA                 Also F-ZWYR 
C-405          PC-9               SWISS AIR FORCE 
C-FRIA         CL600-2B19         Air Canada 
B01	       RAFALE B
C01            RAFALE C
CC-PZD         T35 
CC-PZG         T35 
D-AVZB         A321               Alitalia             Also I-BIXU 
D-CACB         200T 
D-CCVW         125 
D-CITI         DO-328 
D-EPET         EA300 
D-IHEB         C525 
E114           ALPHA JET          AdlA 
F-GGYX         CAP231 
F-GIFR         AS355 
F-GKAR         F50 
F-GKKR         CAP231 
F-GLBD         TBM700 
F-GNGL         F50 
F-GNHA         TB-20 
F-GODE         F900 
F-WGZD         CAP231 
F-WNEW         F2000 
F-WNGO         TBM-700 
F-WOMG         TB319 
F-WWAI         A340               Airbus Industries 
F-WWAX         A300               Fedex 
F-WWEW         ATR-72             Cityflyer Express    Also G-BVTK 
F-WWFL         F900 
F-WWFT         A320               Airbus Industries 
F-WWIB         A321 
F-WWKU         A330               Cathay Pacific Airways Also VR-HLA 
F-WZCI         CAP231 
F-ZBCI         C406 
F-ZVLB         TB30 
F-ZWWW         TIGER 
G-41-036       J41                Impulse Airlines 
G-AYWT         SV-4 
G-BTTA         SEA FURY           RN 
G-BUWX         125 
G-BVBN         BN-2               Taiwan Airlines 
G-BVEO         ATP 
G-BVHF         G115 
G-BVHG         G115 
G-BVHX         BN-2 
G-BVOL         DC-3 
G-BVRJ         RJ70ER             Air Malta 
G-FRAD         F20 
G-FRAK         F20 
G-FRAO         F20 
G-FRAP         F20 
G-HMBB         MBK117 
G-IJYS         J31 
G-JLXI         J61 
G-JMAC         J41 
G-OBSV         P68 
G-OKSP         F480 
G-OLXX         RJ70 
G-PASU         BN-2 
G-PJRT         J41 
G-PLXI         J61 
G-RAHL         400 
G-SURV         BN-2 
G-TLME         R44 
HB-FOB         PC-12 
HB-FQA         PC-12 
HB-GJB         350 
HB-HMR         PC-7 
HB-HPF         PC-9 
I-JARR         SD-27 
I-LIOI         EH-101 
LY-FJK         SU-31 
N114AT         RC114 
N12000         C208 
N206AJ         B206 
N230CN         B230               Chilean Navy 
N261CV         C560 
N300AJ         IAI1125 
N360AR         S-360              NRMC 
N485GA         GIV 
N6015K         RC114 
N606CC         CL601 
N60LJ          L60 
N737CC         C650 
N8149S         2000 
N8270R         350 
N829AJ         200 
N830PH         DHC-8              Horizon Airlines 
N938H          125 
N93GS          GOOSE 
NF389          SWORDFISH          RN 
NX3145X        P-38               USAAF                Coded 67543 
NX71MY         VIMY                                    Also G-EAOU 
OH-VTP         L90 
OH-VTS         L90 
RA-01404       SU-31 
RA-10300       IL-103 
RA-44483       YAK-18 
RA-64011       TU-204             Vnukovo Airlines 
RA-70937       MI-17              Kazan Helicopters 
RA-7604        SU-29 
RA-76529       IL-76 LL 
RA-76759       IL-76 
RA-86896       IL-76              Aeroflot 
RA-91002       IL-114 
RA-96000       IL-96 
RF-55204       M-55 
SE-C42         SF-340AEW 
SP-DDC         AN-28 
SP-LWE         IRYDA M-93V 
W5856          SWORDFISH          RN 
WM167          METEOR             RAF                  Flypast 
XA847          LIGHTNING          RAF 
XL572          HUNTER             RAF                  Flypast 
XX161          HAWK               RAF                  Coded 12 - Marked with South Korean flag 
XX174          HAWK               RAF 
XX190          HAWK               RAF                  Coded 8 - Marked with Kuwaiti flag 
XX199          HAWK               RAF                  Coded 9 - Marked with American flag 
XX202          HAWK               RAF 
XX218          HAWK               RAF                  Coded 10 - Marked with Saudi flag 
XX226          HAWK               RAF 
XX250          HAWK               RAF                  Coded 1 - Marked with British flag 
XX261          HAWK               RAF                  Coded 2 - Marked with Finnish flag 
XX282          HAWK               RAF                  Coded 3 - Marked with Kenyan flag 
XX288          HAWK               RAF                  Coded 6 - Marked with Dubai flag 
XX310          HAWK               RAF                  Coded 4 - Marked with Indonesian flag 
XX314          HAWK               RAF                  Coded 7 - Marked with Abu Dhabi flag 
XX317          HAWK               RAF                  Coded 5 - Marked with Zimbabwean flag 
XX349          HAWK               RAF                  Coded 11 - Marked with Swiss flag 
XZ455          SEA KING           RN 
XZ730          LYNX               RN 
ZA404          TORNADO            RAF                  Coded W 
ZD350          HARRIER            RAF                  Coded A 
ZD404          HARRIER            RAF                  Coded H 
ZD410          HARRIER            RAF                  Coded C 
ZJ100          HAWK 100           RAF                  Coded 13 - Marked with Omanian flag 
ZJ201          HAWK 200           RAF                  Coded 14 - Marked with Malaysian flag 
ZU-AHC         ACE 

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