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Finningley 1975

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Date: 20 September 1975

Made by:

Updated: 8 February 2003; 16 September 2023, Jean-Michel Schweitzer

XP667/P   	JET PROVOST T4       6FTS               
XW309/U         JET PROVOST T5       6FTS               
XR672/V         JET PROVOST T4       6FTS               
XP560/W         JET PROVOST T4       6FTS               
XP556/Z         JET PROVOST T4       6FTS               
XL149           BEVERLEY C1          MUSEUM/7988M       
XN819           ARGOSY C1            MUSEUM EX114SQ/5MU 
WR977/B         SHACKLETON MR3       MUSEUM EX203SQ.    
XD674           JET PROVOST T1       MUSEUM/7570M       
XF545/P-Z       PROVOST T1           MUSEUM/7957M       
WE600           AUSTER 7             MUSEUM             
WL168           METEOR F8            MUSEUM as 'WH456'  
XA549           JAVELIN FAW1         MUSEUM/7717M       
112372          ME.262               MUSEUM             
XD506           VAMPIRE T11          MUSEUM/7983M       
WK281/S         SWIFT FR5            MUSEUM EX79SQ.     
XS732/B         DOMINIE T1           6FTS               
WG407/81        CHIPMUNK T10         11AEF              
WJ907/G         VARSITY T1           6FTS               
XR572/10        GNAT T1              ARROWS/CFS         
XX618/A         BULLDOG T1           YORKS UAS.         
WV372/85        HUNTER T7            4FTS               
XS925/J         LIGHTNING F6         11SQ.              
XX748/20        JAGUAR GR1           226OCU             
WD955/Q         CANBERRA T17         360SQ.             
XV484           PHANTOM FGR2         EX14SQ.            
XV348           BUCCANEER S2         EX16SQ.            
XV244           NIMROD MR1           206SQ.       
XM597           VULCAN B2            WADD.WING          
XM715           VICTOR K2            55SQ.              
XR369           BELFAST C1           53SQ.              
60229/WR        F-4D                 91TFS/81TFW        

XW206/CC        PUMA HC1   	     33/230SQ.
XW208/CE        PUMA HC1   	     33/230SQ.
XW211/CH        PUMA HC1   	     33/230SQ.
XW236/CP        PUMA HC1   	     33/230SQ.
XW229/DB        PUMA HC1   	     33/230SQ.
XM575     	VULCAN B2            101SQ.
XM650     	VULCAN B2            44SQ.
XV571/A         PHANTOM FG1 	     43SQ.
XV578/O         PHANTOM FG1 	     43SQ.
XV759/40        HARRIER GR1 	     233OCU
XV804/45        HARRIER GR1 	     233OCU
WA669     	METEOR T7            CFS
XH304     	VAMPIRE T11          CFS
MT-6            MAGISTER	     'DIABLES ROUGES'
MT-11           MAGISTER	     'DIABLES ROUGES'
MT-12           MAGISTER	     'DIABLES ROUGES'
MT-15           MAGISTER	     'DIABLES ROUGES'
MT-21           MAGISTER	     'DIABLES ROUGES'
MT-23           MAGISTER	     'DIABLES ROUGES'
MT-32           MAGISTER	     'DIABLES ROUGES'
XW862/D     	GAZELLE HT3   	     CFS
XW898/G     	GAZELLE HT3   	     CFS
XW902/H     	GAZELLE HT3   	     CFS
XW910/K     	GAZELLE HT3   	     CFS
XX374/L     	GAZELLE HT3   	     CFS
XX396/N     	GAZELLE HT3   	     CFS
203       	SP-2H                320SQ DUTCH NAVY
258       	ATLANTIC             321SQ.DUTCH NAVY
XS713/C         DOMINIE T1   	     6FTS
XS729/G         DOMINIE T1   	     6FTS
XX619/B         BULLDOG T1   	     YORKS.UAS
XX622/E         BULLDOG T1   	     YORKS.UAS
XV102     	VC-10                10SQ.
WR965/65  	SHACKLETON AEW2      8SQ.
XV238/38  	NIMROD MR1           206SQ.
XV745/27        HARRIER GR1  	     233OCU
XV778/16        HARRIER GR1  	     233OCU
XX114/02        JAGUAR GRI/T2 	     226OCU
XX117/05        JAGUAR GRI/T2 	     226OCU
XX832/S         JAGUAR GRI/T2 	     226OCU
XX148/M         JAGUAR GRI/T2 	     226OCU
XV195           HERCULES C1   	     LTW
XV300           HERCULES C1   	     LTW
XL191     	VICTOR K2            MARHAM WING
XV424/B   	PHANTOM FGR2         29SQ.
XN977     	BUCCANEER S2         237OCU
XP531		GNAT T1  	     'RED ARROWS'
XR540		GNAT T1  	     'RED ARROWS'
XR955		GNAT T1  	     'RED ARROWS'
XR981		GNAT T1  	     'RED ARROWS'
XR987		GNAT T1  	     'RED ARROWS'
XR991		GNAT T1  	     'RED ARROWS'
XR993		GNAT T1  	     'RED ARROWS'
XS101		GNAT T1  	     'RED ARROWS'
XS107		GNAT T1  	     'RED ARROWS'
XS111		GNAT T1  	     'RED ARROWS'
XH169     	CANBERRA PR9         39SQ.
PS853           SPITFIRE PR19        B-O-B
80054/UH        F-111E               20TFW

VP974     	DEVON C2             207SQ.       
WB534           DEVON C2             26SQ.        
XV214           HERCULES C1          LTW   FALCONS
XV291           HERCULES C1          LTW   ARROWS 
XD165           WHIRLWIND HAR10      202SQ RESCUE 
CH-10           C-130H               15W. BAF     

WJ909/A		VARSITY T1  	     6FTS
WF328/B		VARSITY T1  	     6FTS
WF414/CC	VARSITY T1  	     6FTS
WJ896/D		VARSITY T1  	     6FTS
WJ948/E		VARSITY T1  	     6FTS
WF369/F		VARSITY T1  	     6FTS
WL627/O		VARSITY T1  	     6FTS
WL626/P		VARSITY T1  	     6FTS
WJ943/R		VARSITY T1  	     6FTS
WF372/T		VARSITY T1  	     6FTS
WL668/X		VARSITY T1  	     6FTS
WJ944/Y		VARSITY T1  	     6FTS
WJ920/R		VARSITY T1  	     6FTS on dump
XS216/Q   	JET PROVOST T4       EX 6FTS Fire Section

Hangar 1:
XS709/M		DOMINIE T1 	     6FTS
XS711/L		DOMINIE T1 	     6FTS
XS727/D		DOMINIE T1 	     6FTS
XS737/K		DOMINIE T1 	     6FTS
XS739/F		DOMINIE T1 	     6FTS
XP557/T		JET PROVOST T4 	     6FTS
XP564/M		JET PROVOST T4 	     6FTS
XP563/S		JET PROVOST T4 	     6FTS
XP680/Q		JET PROVOST T4 	     6FTS
XR704/N		JET PROVOST T4 	     6FTS
WK638/83        CHIPMUNK T10 	     11AEF
WP804/86        CHIPMUNK T10 	     11AEF
XX620/C         BULLDOG T1 	     YORKS UAS.
XX621/D         BULLDOG T1 	     YORKS UAS.
XX623/F         BULLDOG T1 	     YORKS UAS.
XX624/G         BULLDOG T1 	     YORKS UAS.

Hangar 2:
WZ736      	AVRO 707A      	     MUSEUM             
XS712/A    	DOMINIE T1     	     6FTS               
XP629/R    	JET PROVOST T4 	     6FTS  stripped down
WF382/Q    	VARSITY T1     	     no rudder.         

Hangar 4:
XS730/H  	DOMINIE T1     	     6FTS
XS734/N  	DOMINIE T1     	     6FTS

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