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Fleetlands 1985

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Date: 8 June 1985

Made by:


AE520		Chinook   		ex-Argentine Army	
ZA671		Chinook HC.1	        RAF	         
ZA673		Chinook HC.1	        RAF	         
ZA676		Chinook HC.1	        RAF	         
ZA679		Chinook HC.1	        RAF	         
ZA683		Chinook HC.1	        RAF	         
ZA705		Chinook HC.1	        RAF	         
ZA768	F	Gazelle AH.1	        Army	         
ZB649		Gazelle HT.2	        Royal Navy	 
XL600		Hunter GA.11	        Royal Navy	 
XZ176		Lynx AH.1	        Army	         
XZ612		Lynx AH.1	        Army             
XZ228		Lynx HAS.3	        Royal Navy       
XZ229		Lynx HAS.3	        Royal Navy       
XZ230		Lynx HAS.3	        Royal Navy       
XZ655		Lynx HAS.3	        Royal Navy       
ZD253		Lynx HAS.3	        Royal Navy       
G-BIRD		Pitts S-2	        Private          
WG655		Sea Fury T.20	        Royal Navy       
XZ498	124	Sea Harrier FRS.1	Royal Navy
XV643		Sea King HAS.5		Royal Navy
XV652		Sea King HAS.5	        Royal Navy
XV654		Sea King HAS.5	        Royal Navy
XV663		Sea King HAS.5	        Royal Navy
XV700		Sea King HAS.5	        Royal Navy
XZ579		Sea King HAS.5	        Royal Navy
ZA134		Sea King HAS.5	        Royal Navy
XS568		Wasp HAS.1	        Royal Navy
XS569		Wasp HAS.1	        Royal Navy
XT780		Wasp HAS.1	        Royal Navy
XV639		Wasp HAS.1	        Royal Navy
XM836		Wessex HAS.3	        Royal Navy
XP110		Wessex HAS.3	        Royal Navy
WXS508		Wessex HU.5	        Royal Navy
XS492	623	Wessex HU.5	        Royal Navy
XS888		Wessex HU.5	        Royal Navy
XT479		Wessex HU.5	        RAF       

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