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Halton 1985

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Date: 22 June 1985

Made by: Jason Ganner


XP442, XR140		Argosy
XE808			Cadet
XM706, XM709, XP350	Gnat
XP503, XP511, XP533	Gnat
XP534, XP540, XR535	Gnat
XR538, XR569, XR953	Gnat
XR954, XR980, XR998	Gnat
XS100, XS102, XS109	Gnat
XS110			Gnat
XK824			Grasshopper
XX257			Hawk
WT746, WV276, XE656	Hunter
XF319, XF527, XF974	Hunter
XG274, XG290      	Hunter
XM362, XM375, XM381	Jet Provost
XM402, XM408, XM410	Jet Provost
XM411, XM417, XM480	Jet Provost
XN458, XN512, XN549	Jet Provost
XN554, XP567, XP573	Jet Provost
XP585, XP640, XP672	Jet Provost
XP686, XR643, XR650	Jet Provost
XR651, XR662, XR672	Jet Provost
XR704, XS179, XS180	Jet Provost
XS209, XS210, XS215	Jet Provost
XS218			Jet Provost
WW397			Provost
XJ604, XN699, XP921	Sea Vixen
WB938, WG496		Sedburgh
LB375			Taylorcraft
XT257			Wessex
XD165, XJ435, XJ727	Whirlwind
XP395, XR458		Whirlwind
G-AFZL            	CP.50  
G-AMRF                  Auster 
G-ASWJ                  Bassett
G-AWGM          	Kittiwake
G-AXOS            	M.S.894
G-BCUK                  C.172  
G-BFMK                  C.152  
G-BFKT                  C.172  
G-BKAE                  Jodel  
G-BKDA           	B.206
G-BLLR            	T-67
G-BPYN            	Cub

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