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Kidlington 1959

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Date: 25 April 1959

Made by: John Chapman


D-EFEP          Auster J-1N
EI-AJG          Bonanza
EI-AJR          Proctor
EI-AKI          PA-23 Apache
EI-AKP          PA-22 Tri Pacer
EI-AKS          PA-18 Super Cub
F-BCJO          Hornet Moth
G-ADLY          Hornet Moth
G-ADTD          Miles Falcon Six
G-AERV          Whitney Straight
G-AESE          Hornet Moth
G-AEXF          Mew Gull
G-AFNG          Moth Minor
G-AFPD          Moth Minor
G-AGYH          Auster J-1N
G-AHLL          Proctor 5
G-AHGR          Taylorcraft Plus D
G-AHHP          Auster J-1
G-AHTE          Proctor 5
G-AIAA          Proctor 5
G-AIAF          Proctor 5
G-AIAJ          Messenger 2A
G-AIKE          Auster 5
G-AIUS          Consul				V H Bellamy
G-AJRT          Hawk Trainer 3
G-AJTH          Gemeni 1A
G-AJWH          Gemeni 1A
G-AJYZ          Messenger 2A
G-AKDK          Gemeni 1A
G-AKPI          Auster 5
G-AKUA          Hawk Trainer 3
G-AKZX          Messenger 4A
G-ALNA          Tiger Moth
G-ALUA          Zaunkoenig
G-AMDE          Gemeni 3A
G-AMEY          Tiger Moth
G-AMKZ          Gemeni 3A
G-AMTE          Auster J-5F
G-ANHO          Auster 5
G-ANIO          Auster 5
G-ANRG          Pioneer 2                       Scottish Avn.
G-ANSH          Tiger Moth
G-ANUH          Tiger Moth
G-AOCU          Auster 5
G-AOEJ          Proctor 3
G-AOIR          Jackaroo
G-AOSJ          Chipmunk 22
G-AOZO          Prospector
G-APAF          Auster 5
G-APAO          Jackaroo
G-APBI          Tiger Moth
G-APFW          Auster J-5R
G-APHV          Anson Srs 2                     Hants & Sussex Avn.
G-APJW          Dragon Rapide
G-APKI          Auster J-5P
G-APKM          Auster J-1N
G-APMH          Auster J-1U
G-APSB          Chipmunk 22
G-APSC          Chipmunk 22
G-APSS          Tiger Moth
I-GULL          Piaggio P.136L Gull
I-PIAK (1)      Piaggio P.166 (c/n 341)
N2611C          Cessna 310C
N5714P          Comanche
N6516N          Bellanca Cruiser
OK-NMB          Meta Sokol
OO-NIF          Nipper
PH-LPS          Beech 18                        ex Philipps NV
SE-CGZ          Safir 91D

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