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Lakenheath 1965

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Date: 22 May 1965

Made by: David Miller


52-0975		C-124C			62 ATW	McChord AFB
52-0950		C-124C	                63 TCW	Hunter AFB 
55-014		C-130A	                TAC	           
63895	A-2	F-100F	                48 TFW	           
60006		F-101C	                81 TFW	           
62-4474		T-39A	                48 TFW	           
XN815		Argosy C.1		
XB287	T	Beverley C.1		47 Sq.	
WZ872		Chipmunk T.10		RAF Feltwell	Glider Tug
RAFGSA 323	Ka 6R			RAF Feltwell	
WB981		Slingsby T21B		RAF Feltwell	
XS185	54	Jet Provost T.4		3 FTS	
XF516	49	Hunter F.6		229 OCU / 234 Sq.	
XR719	D	Lightning F.3		56 Sq.	
XF708	A	Shackleton MR.3		120 Sq.	
XJ724		Whirlwind HAR.10		
55-2300		F-100D			48 TFW	
55-2823		F-100D		        48 TFW
		F-101		        81 TFW
		F-101		        81 TFW
		F-101		        81 TFW
		F-101		        81 TFW
XN790	E	Lightning F.2		92 Sq.	
XH498		Vulcan B.2		
XS218	32	Jet Provost T.4		3 FTS	
55-2806		F-100D			48 TFW	Arrester Demonstration
XR540		Gnat T.1		Red Arrows	
XR986		Gnat T.1		Red Arrows
XR987		Gnat T.1		Red Arrows
XR991		Gnat T.1		Red Arrows
XR992		Gnat T.1		Red Arrows
XR994		Gnat T.1		Red Arrows
XR995		Gnat T.1		Red Arrows
XR996		Gnat T.1		Red Arrows
XS111		Gnat T.1		Red Arrows
Civil Static Park:			
G-AAWO		60G Moth		
G-ABUS		Comper Swift		
G-AEXD		Aeronca 100		
G-AFSV		Chilton DW.1A		
G-AFVR		GAL Cygnet II		
G-AIZE		Argus II		
G-ARRT		Wallis WA.116		
G-ASTG		Nord 1002		

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