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Lee-on-Solent 1975

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Date: 26 July 1975

Made by:


WV911   		SeaHawk FGA.4			A2526   
XS510                   Wessex HU.5                         
XM832/576-CU            Wessex HAS.1     	706 Sq      
NF389/5B                Swordfish III           
XN706/127-E             S.Vixen FAW.2           	A2613
XT256                   Wessex HAS.3            	A2615
XM667/56-CU             Whirlwind HAS.7         	A2629

By 781 Sq Hangar:
XJ322  			S.Devon C.20    	Prestwick Stn Flt
XJ348  			S.Devon C.20		781 Sq
XJ319  			S.Devon C.20		781 Sq
XJ347  			S.Devon C.20		781 Sq
XR443  			S.Heron C.1     	781 Sq
XR445  			S.Heron C.1     	781 Sq
WK635/LS  		Chipmunk T.10
XT770  			Wessex HU.5     	781 Sq
XT772  			Wessex HU.5     	781 Sq
XP116/520		Wessex HAS.3          		A2618
XN387/11-LS		Whirlwind HAR.9       
XL481/761-LM		Gannet AEW.3    	849 SqM
XS566/503		Wasp HAs.1

XS509/WP		Wessex HU.5  		707 Sq
XT467/WY		Wessex HU.5  		707 Sq
XT483/WU		Wessex HU.5  		707 Sq
XT756/WM		Wessex HU.5  		707 Sq
XS521/WT		Wessex HU.5  		707 Sq
XT486/WW		Wessex HU.5  		707 Sq
XT461/XD  		Wessex HU.5  		846 Sq
XS512/XG  		Wessex HU.5  		846 Sq
XW854/45		Gazelle HT.2		705 Sq
XW886/48		Gazelle HT.2		705 Sq
XW856/47		Gazelle HT.2		705 Sq
XW871/49		Gazelle HT.2		705 Sq
XW868/50		Gazelle HT.2		705 Sq
XW894/52		Gazelle HT.2		705 Sq
XW890/53		Gazelle HT.2		705 Sq

Hangar A:
XN302  			Whirlwind HAR.9
XS869/508		Wessex HAS.1

Hangar F:
XS490/G			Wessex HU.5

Hangar H:
XL875/12-LS		Whirlwind HAR.9

Hangar K:
XL898/30-ED		Whirlwind HAr.9
XN359/34-ED		Whirlwind HAr.9
XN298/10-LS		Whirlwind HAr.9

XA862  			Whirlwind 1

Dope Shop:
XS872/CU		Wessex HAS.1

Esmonde Hangar:
XV372  			SeaKing HAS.1
XP149/CU  		Wessex HAS.1
XS128/437  		Wessex HAS.1

Outside Esmonde:
XM329/533-PO  		Wessex HAS.1  		737 Sq  A2609
XN305/516-PO  		Whirlwind HAS.7      		A2606
WV828/037		SeaHawk FGA.4        		A2592

Display Hangar:
XN934/631-LS  		Buccaneer S.1        
XT184/Y			Sioux AH.1           	no boom

Overlord Hangar:
WH797/851		Canberra T.22
XT487  			Wessex HU.5
       			Wasp HAS.1
XL880/35-ED		Whirlwind HAR.9
XT757  			Wessex HU.5

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