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Mildenhall 1984

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Date: 10 June 1984

Made by: Adr

Updated: 2 January 2011

XS792              Andover CC.2            RAF 32 Sqn 
XX892/F            Buccaneer S.2           RAF 237 OCU 
XX894/HS           Buccaneer S.2           RAF 12 Sqn 
WJ986/EP           Canberra T.17           RAF 360 Sqn 
WK518              Chipmunk T.10           RAF 
VP981              Devon C.2               RAF 207 Sqn 
XW922/K            Harrier GR.3            RAF 233 OCU 
XX200/O            Hawk T.1A               RAF 151 Sqn 
XX184              Hawk T.1                RAF 4 FTS 
XX338              Hawk T.1                RAF 4 FTS 
XX306              Hawk T.1                RAF Red Arrows 
XX264              Hawk T.1                RAF Red Arrows 
XX259              Hawk T.1                RAF Red Arrows 
XX266              Hawk T.1                RAF Red Arrows 
XX304              Hawk T.1                RAF Red Arrows 
XX260              Hawk T.1                RAF Red Arrows 
XX253              Hawk T.1                RAF Red Arrows 
XX257              Hawk T.1                RAF Red Arrows 
XX227              Hawk T.1                RAF Red Arrows 
XX243              Hawk T.1                RAF Red Arrows 
XV208              Hercules W.2            RAE 
XV217              Hercules C.3            RAF LTW 
WV372              Hunter T.8              RAF 237 OCU 
XX752/GF           Jaguar GR.1             RAF 54 Sqn 
XX837/Z            Jaguar T.2              RAF 226 OCU 
XS219              Jet Provost T.4         RAF 1 TWU 
XW413/69           Jet Provost T.5         RAF 1 FTS 
XS919/AL           Lightning F.6           RAF 5 Sqn 
XV571/A            Phantom FG.1            RAF 43 Sqn 
ZA589/D            Tornado GR.1            RAF 9 Sqn 
ZA453/EG           Tornado GR.1            RAF 15 Sqn 
ZA585/5            Tornado GR.1            RAF 27 Sqn 
ZA610/11           Tornado GR.1            RAF 27 Sqn 
ZA143/D            VC10 K.2                RAF 101 Sqn 
XZ553/Q            Venture                 RAF 
XH673              Victor K.2              RAF 57 Sqn 
XL426              Vulcan B.2              RAF VMF 
XX441/CU-38        Gazelle HT.2            RN 705 NAS 
XX436/CU-39        Gazelle HT.2            RN 705 NAS 
XW907/CU-40        Gazelle HT.2            RN 705 NAS 
XW863/CU-42        Gazelle HT.2            RN 705 NAS 
XW891/CU-49        Gazelle HT.2            RN 705 NAS 
ZA175/710          Sea Harrier             RN 
XV700/81           Sea King HAS.5          RN 825 NAS 
XV659/84           Sea King HAS.5          RN 825 NAS 
XV705/96           Sea King HAS.5          RN 825 NAS 
XZ316/R            Gazelle AH.1            AAC ARWS 
XZ649/E            Lynx AH.1               AAC 
XZ210/F            Lynx AH.1               AAC 
XW613/V            Scout AH.1              AAC 
XT624/W            Scout AH.1              AAC 
AT22               Alphajet                FAB 
FB06               F16B                    FAB 
104658             CF104D                  CF 1 CAG 
104780             CF104G                  CF 1 CAG 
132001             Dash-7                  CF 
ET-204             F16B                    RDAF 
A-351              Alouette III            KLu Grasshoppers 
A-390              Alouette III            KLu Grasshoppers 
A-398              Alouette III            KLu Grasshoppers 
A-465              Alouette III            KLu Grasshoppers 
A-499              Alouette III            KLu Grasshoppers 
C-9                F27                     KLu 334 Sqn 
J-249              F16A                    KLu 
K-3021             NF5A                    KLu 
K-3026             NF5A                    KLu 
K-4020             NF5B                    KLu 
282                SH14                    MLD 
2656               F104G                   WGN MFG-2 
2669               F104G                   WGN MFG-2 
4371               Tornado                 WGN MFG-1 
6114               Atlantic                WGN MFG-5 
80-0146/WR         A10A                    USAF 81 TFW 
80-0229/WR         A10A                    USAF 81 TFW 
80-0279/WR         A10A                    USAF 81 TFW 
+ 3? more A10s 
01260              C130E                   USAF 317 TAW 
01271              C130E                   USAF 317 TAW 
17681              C130E                   USAF 317 TAW 
64-0566            MC130E                  USAF 7 SOS 
74-1676            C130H                   USAF 463 TAW 
74-2077            C130H                   USAF 463 TAW 
55-3145            KC135A                  USAF 452 ARW AFRes 
58-0090            KC135                   USAF 
58-0096            KC135                   USAF 
60-0343            KC135                   USAF 
61-0270            KC135                   USAF 
61-0291            EC135H                  USAF 10 ACCS 
62-4131            RC135W                  USAF 
64-14847           RC135W                  USAF 
64-0610            C141B                   USAF 
65-0220            C141B                   USAF 
68-0557/AR         RF4C                    USAF 10 TRW 
74-0659/SP r       F4E                     USAF 52 TFW 
69-0248/SP         F4G                     USAF 480 TFS 
74-1545/45         F5E                     USAF 527 TFTAS 
80-0029/BT         F15C                    USAF 525 TFS 
79-0035/BT bl      F15C                    USAF 36 TFW 
79-0043/BT bl/w    F15C                    USAF 36 TFW 
80-0592/HR         F16A                    USAF 496 TFS 
80-0608/HR         F16A                    USAF 50 TFW 
81-0683/8          F16A                    USAF Thunderbirds 
81-0678/7          F16A                    USAF Thunderbirds 
81-0687/6          F16A                    USAF Thunderbirds 
81-0679/5          F16A                    USAF Thunderbirds 
81-0677/4          F16A                    USAF Thunderbirds 
81-0676/3          F16A                    USAF Thunderbirds 
81-0667/2          F16A                    USAF Thunderbirds 
81-0663/1          F16A                    USAF Thunderbirds 
66-0041/UH         EF111A                  USAF 42 ECS 
72-1448/LN         F111F                   USAF 48 TFW 
96606              UH1N                    USAF 67 ARRS 
64-17958           SR71A                   USAF 9 SRW 
64-17974           SR71A                   USAF 9 SRW 
61-0654            CT39A                   USAF 58 MAS 
15940              OV1D                    USArmy 73 CICo 
161676/AG-501      A6E                     USN VA-66 
157452/AG-400      A7E                     USN VA-12 
155124             C2A                     USN VR-24 
161322/8D          UC12B                   USN NAF Mildenhall 
131578             C118D                   USN NAF Keflavik
161422/AG-200      F14A                    USN VF-142 
160610             P3C                     USN VP-44 
159768/AG-704      S3A                     USN VS-37 

XS101              Gnat T.1                Private 
RR299              Mosquito 
PA474              Lancaster 
485784             B17G 
KG374              Dakota 
G-HUNT   	   Hunter F.51
N1337A  	   F4U-7 Corsair   	   as ‘133722/15F.22’ Aeronavale

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