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Upper Heyford 1983

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Date: 13 August 1983

Made by:


35+67           RF-4E Phantom
35+05           RF-4E Phantom
40+14           Alphajet
40+38           Alphajet
41+28           Alphajet
41+34           Alphajet
41+57           Alphajet
104845          CF-104 Starfighter      1 CAG
104776          CF-104 Starfighter      1 CAG
AT-158          Sk-35XD Draken
LS326           Swordfish II            FAA Historic Flight
ZA803/X         Gazelle HT.2            2 FTS
WL790           Shackleton AEW.2        8 Squadron
XM571           Vulcan K.2              50 Squadron
XN981           Buccaneer S.2B          208 Squadron
XR718/AS       	Lightning F.3           5 Squadron
XS737/K         Dominie T.1             6 FTS
XV182           Hercules C.1            LTW
XV307           Hercules C.1            LTW
XW232/DJ       	Puma HC.1               230 Squadron
XX754/23        Jaguar GR.1             226 OCU
XX766           Jaguar GR.1             226 OCU
ZA404           Tornado GR.1            TWCU
ZA167/273      	Sea King HAS.5          814 Squadron
XX251           Hawk T.1                Red Arrows
XX252           Hawk T.1                Red Arrows
XX253           Hawk T.1                Red Arrows
XX257           Hwk T.1                 Red Arrows
XX259           Hawk T.1                Red Arrows
XX260           Hawk T.1                Red Arrows
XX264           Hawk T.1                Red Arrows
XX266           Hawk T.1                Red Arrows
XX304           Hawk T.1                Red Arrows
XX306           Hawk T.1                Red Arrows
59-1459         KC-135A Stratotanker	
67-14679        OV-10A Bronco           601 TCW
68-0222         C-5A Galaxy             436 MAW
68-0565/AR     	RF-4C Phantom           10 TRW
74-01560        F-5E Tiger II           527 TFTAS
79-0050/BT	F-15A Eagle             36 TFW
79-0073/BT      F-15A Eagle             36 TFW
79-0047/BT      F-15A Eagle             36 TFW
81-0713/HR     	F-16A Falcon            50 TFW
80-0231/WR    	A-10A Thunderbolt       81 TFW
80-0219/WR    	A-10A Thunderbolt       81 TFW
81-0939/WR    	A-10A Thunderbolt       81 TFW

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