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Waddington 1990

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Date: 28 April 1990

Made by: Scramble, Ian Old, Rich Tregear

Updated: 5 November 2004

Lightning F6, BAe
The photocall at Waddington gave the public the opportunity to take good pictures of this Lightning XS928 of British Aerospace.

Photo copyright Paul Nann

More pictures of this airshow, see Paul Nann's Military Aviation Photo Gallery

FA49             F-16A                 349sm 
188741           CF-188A               421sq 
188758           CF-188A               409sq 
AR-117           S35XD                 Esk729 
AT-155           Sk35XD                Esk729 
MM6804/36-06     F-104S-ASA            12 Gr 
MM6826/36-01     F-104S-ASA            12 Gr 
MM7073/36-51     Tornado               156 Gr 
J-228            F-16A                 322sq 
J-238            F-16A                 322sq 
K-3024           NF-5A                 314sq 
K-4015           NF-5B                 316sq 
274              F-16A                 332Skv 
302              F-16B                 332Skv 
3551             RF-4E                 AG51 
4462             Tornado               JBG32 
80-0170/AR       A-10A                 509TFS 
81-0979/AR       A-10A                 509TFS 
68-0554/ZR       RF-4C                 38TRS 
69-0370/ZR       RF-4C                 38TRS 
79-0026/CR       F-15C                 32TFS 
79-0029/CR       F-15C                 32TFS 
84-1310/HR       F-16C                 10TFS 
85-1415/HR       F-16C                 10TFS 
68-0083/UH       F-111E                mlt/20TFW 
72-1442/LN       F-111F                492TFS 
74-0182/LN       F-111F                492TFS 
80-1083          TR-1A                 95RS 
XX520/2          Bulldog T1            CFS 
XX693   	 Bulldog T1
WH664/EH         Canberra T17          360sq 
WB550/F          Chipmunk T22          EFTS 
VP981            Devon C2              BoBMF 
XV744/3K         Harrier GR3           233OCU 
ZD347/K          Harrier GR5           233OCU 
XX310/310        Hawk T1               4FTS 
XF368/VL-863     Hunter GA11           FRADU 
XZ387/GG         Jaguar GR1A           54sq 
XW430/58         Jet Provost T5A       CFS 
XX483/CU-562     Jetstream T2          750sq 
XS928            Lightning F6          BAe 
ZG969            PC-9                  BAe 
XV420/T          Phantom FGR2          56sq 
ZE353/E          F-4J(UK)              74sq 
WL790/90         Schackleton AEW2      8sq 
ZE369   	 Sea King
P7350/UO-T       Spitfire 2a           BoBMF 
PS853/C          Spitfire PR19         BoBMF 
ZE764/DH         Tornado F3            11sq 
ZE963/GC         Tornado F3            43sq 
ZA375/BN         Tornado GR1           14sq 
ZA373/H          Tornado GR1A          2sq 
ZG707/B          Tornado GR1A          13sq 
ZF201/201        Tucano T1
ZF203/203        Tucano T1             CFS 
XH558            Vulcan B2             Vulcan Display Flight 
XM607            Vulcan B2             Preserved 
XJ825            Vulcan K2             BDR 
XH671            Victor K2             55sq 

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