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Andrews 1985

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Date: 11 May 1985

Made by:


142662-636	KA-3B		VAK-308			
160251/WP	A-4M		VMA-223			MCAS Cherry Pt.
159912/CY-04	EA-6B		VMAQ-2			MCAS Cherry Pt.
70-0955		A-7D		
156869		A-7E		VA-174			NAS Cecil Field?
78-0593/MB	A-10A		354TFW/353TFS		Myrtle Beach AFB
59-2598		B-52G		320BW/441BS		Mather AFB
68-0215		C-5A		436MAW/9MAS		Dover AFB
68-10877	C-9A		375AAW/11AAS		Scott AFB
73-1682		VC-9C		89MAW/1MAS		Andrews AFB
73-1209		C-12A		89MAW/1MAS		Andrews AFB
84-0181		C-12F		89MAW/1MAS		Andrews AFB
83-0501		C-20A		89MAW/1MAS		Andrews AFB
84-0078		C-21A		89MAW/1MAS		Andrews AFB
......*		C-31A		Golden Knights
62-1835		C-130E		459TAW/756TAS		Andrews AFB
62-4197		VC-140B	  	89MAW/1MAS		Andrews AFB
66-0162		C-141B		438MAW			McGuire AFB
65-0277		C-141B		63MAW			Norton AFB
72-0150/BA	RF-4C		67TRW/12TRS		Bergstrom AFB
66-7634/DC	F-4D		113TFW/121TFS DC ANG
153860/BG-10	F-4S		VMFA-321		NAF Andrews
145633/AF-603	RF-8G		VFP-206
81-0026/FF	F-15C		1TFW/71TFS		Langley AFB
81-0037/FF*	F-15C		1TFW			Langley AFB
82-0030/FF*	F-15C		1TFW			Langley AFB
83-1100/SW	F-16C		363TFW			Shaw AFB
161935/AD-324	F/A-18A		VFA-106			NAS Cecil Field
161961/AD-326	F/A-18A		VFA-106			NAS Cecil Field
N3986B		F-20A		Northrop
68-0124/CC	F-111D		27TFW/524TFS		Cannon AFB
66-0023/MO	EF-111A		366TFW/390ECS		Mtn. Home AFB
68-0257		FB-111A		509BW			Pease AFB
79-1712		KC-10A	    	2BW			Barksdale AFB
57-2603		KC-135A		931ARG			March AFB?
61-0293		KC-135R		384BW			McConnell AFB
69-7622/SR	O-2A		507TACW/21TASS		Shaw AFB
66-1352/FL	OV-10A		549TACW			Patrick AFB
73-1059/BC	OA-37B		110TASG/172TASS	MI ANG
153431/LW-15	P-3B		VP-68			NAF Washington
158569/SG-45	P-3C		VP-50			NAS Moffett Field
159752/AC-705	S-3A		VS-22			NAS Cecil Field
158903/B-327	T-2C		VT-23			NAS Kingsville
58-0618		T-33A		95FITS			Tyndall AFB
....../E	T-34C					NAS Whiting Field
66-7983		T-37B		14FTW/37FTS		Columbus AFB
70-1569		T-38A		14FTW/50FTS		Columbus AFB
..-..../HM	AT-38B		479TTW			Holloman AFB
62-4481		CT-39B		DET 1/1401MAS		Offutt AFB
71-1406		T-43A		323FTW/455FTS		Mather AFB
161068/G-838	T-44A		VT-28			Corpus Christi
70-15909	U-21A		Mil Dist Wash D C
..-16418	UH-1H		Mil Dist Wash D C
69-6656		UH-1N		89MAW/1HS		Andrews AFB
64-14221	CH-3E		89MAW/1HS		Andrews AFB
1418		HH-52A		USCG			CGAS Cape May
161260-16	CH-53E		HMH-464			MCAS New River

Flight Line:
61-2669		C-135C  	89MAW
153446		P-3B   		VP-68
153452		P-3B   		VP-68
153425		P-3B   		VP-68

* = also flying

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