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Andrews 1991

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Date: 10/11 May 1991

Made by:

Updated: 3 June 2004

79-0188/EL           A-10A             74TFS 
85-0074              B-1B              96BW             "Penetrator" 
59-2594              B-52G             97BW             "Memphis Belle III" 
85-0009              C-5B              436MAW 
79-0434              KC-10A            2BW 
84-0181              C-12F             1402MAS 
84-0073              C-12A             1402MAS 
83-4612              C-22B             DC ANG Det.1 
63-8874              KC-135A           96BW             "Southern Breeze" 
58-0125              KC-135Q           9SRW             "California Outlaw" 
64-14845             RC-135V           55SRW 
..-....              C-141B            459MAW/AFRes     "Old Style" 
65-0876              RF-4C             192TRS/NV ANG 
69-7263/WW           F-4G              "35TFW" 
69-7561/WW           F-4G              "561TFS" 
85-0102/EG           F-15C             "33TFW"          "Gulf Spirit" 
89-0503/SJ           F-15E             336TFS 
84-1217/SW           F-16C             "17TFS/AMU" 
66-0036/MO           EF-111A           "366TFW" 
825/TR               F-117A            "37TFW"          "Mad Max" 
69-6661              UH-1N             89MSMW 
58-1971              T-37B             14FTW 
70-1589              T-38A             71FTW 
80-1098              U-2R              9SRW 
84-24378             C-12D             Davison AAF 
70-16286             UH-1H             Davison AAF 
85-24369             UH-60L            ALS 
88-0209              AH-64A            ALS 
158029/AF-610        EA-6B             VAQ-209 
163031/CY-17         EA-6B             VMAQ-2 
161689/ED-403        A-6E              VMA(AW)-533      "Buck" 
153904/MG-000        F-4S              VMFA-321 
161145/AD-112        F-14A             VR-101 
162459/VE-06         F-18A             VMFA-115 
160457/TV-04         UH-1N             HMLA-167 
....../TV-30         AH-1W             HMLA-167 
157680/18            CH-46D            HMX-1 
157166/27            CH-53B            HMX-1 
162498/DH-444        NH-53E            HM-12 
152762/11            P-3B              VP-68 
159713/A-964         T-2C              VT-19 
163514/CG-00         AV-8B             VMA-231 
155467/MU-507        OV-10A            VM-04 
6008                 HH-60J            USCG Elizabeth City 

78-0088/MD           A-10A             104TFS/MD ANG 
57-6509              B-52G             2BW 
64-0569              C-130E            314TAW 
68-10948             C-130E            314TAW 
80-0322              C-130H            128TAS/GA ANG 
62-4127              C-135B            89MSMW 
76-0054/HO           F-15A             8TFS 
77-0115/HO           F-15A             8TFS 
68-0249              FB-111A           380BW 
69-6636              UH-1N             89MSMW 
69-6655              UH-1N             89MSMW 
69-6657              UH-1N             89MSMW 
69-6658              UH-1N             89MSMW 
69-6669              UH-1N             89MSMW 
69-7538              UH-1N             89MSMW 
163216/AD-101        F-14A+            VF-101 
....../AD-103        F-14A+            VF-101 
156473/YM-07         CH-46E            HMM-365 
162943/CG-05         AV-8B             VMA-231 
85-1608/GK-002       C-31A             Golden Knights 

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