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Andrews 1994

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Date: 21 May 1994

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Updated:  6 January 2015

78-0637/MD yel/wh     A-10A        104th FS MD ANG
80-0223/FT            A-10A        23rd Wing "23WG"
84-0055/DY bl/wh      B-1B         7th Wing
60-0059/LA            B-52H        96th BMS/2nd BW
69-0008               C-5A         105th AG NY ANG
84-0188    blue       KC-10A       380th ARW
83-0496               C-12D        89th AW
76-22553              C-12C        USAR
90-0535    yellow     C-17A        437th AW
84-0076               C-21A        89th AW
83-4610               C-22B        201st ALS DC ANG
64-0496               C-130E       23rg Wing "2ALS"
58-0095               KC-135Q      71st ARS
61-2674               OC-135B      55th Wing
58-6970               C-137B       89th AW
65-0226               C-141B       459th AS AFRes
83-0027/FF yellow     F-15C        1st FW "27FS"
89-0491/SJ blue       F-15E        4th Wing "334FS"
85-1471/DC "113FW"    F-16C        113th FW DC ANG
90-0776/FT            F-16C        23rd Wing "74FS"
91-0345/SW red        F-16C        20th FW
66-6016/CC            EF-111A      27th FW
73-0715/CC            F-111F       27th FW
88-0841/HO            F-117A       49th FW
62-12554              UH-1B        preserved
69-15584              UH-1H        Mil.Distr.of Wash
69-7537               UH-1N        89th AW
66-15259              AH-1F        1-224AVN MD ArNG
69-5790               MH-53J       20nd SOS
92-0535               OH-58D       229th AHR/Ft.Bragg
85-24398              UH-60A       nn
90-0282               AH-64A       229th AHR/Ft.Bragg
90-0413/LB            T-1A         64th FTW
64-13435/LA blue      T-37B        2nd BW
63-8164/HO            AT-38B       49th FW
68-8166/CB blue       T-38A        14th FTW
68-10338/BB           U-2R         9th RW
158029/AF-620         EA-6B        VAQ-209
155722/NJ-850         TC-4C        VA-128
165094/JR-048         C-20G        VR-48
153904/MG-000         F-4S         pres. ex VMFA-321
160399/AB-104         F-14A        VF-102
162414/MG-08          F/A-18A      VMFA-321
164656/VK-05          F/A-18D      VMFA(AW)-121
160814/HF-05          AH-1W        HMLA-269
157684/22             VH-46D       HMX-1
162012                CH-53E       HMX-1
159514/LW-05          P-3C         VP-68
160471/E-471          T-34C        TW-5
N310NT                T-39N        TW-6
160972/G-522          T-44A        TW-4/VT-31
163637/B-237          T-45A        TW-2
164559/CG-00          AV-8B+       VMA-231
1502                  HC-130H      USCG Elizab. City

84-0056/DY blue       B-1B         7th Wing
85-1608               C-31A        Golden Knights
91-0358/SW red        F-16C        20th FW
91-0359/SW red        F-16C        20th FW
61-00852/HO           AT-38B       49th FW "435FS"
61-0875/HO            AT-38B       49th FW
72-7000               C-137C       89th AW
151891                TC-130G      Blue Angels
163221/AD-116         F-14B        VF-101
163226/AD-101         F-14B        VF-101
161943/7              F/A-18B      Blue Angels
....../CG-17          AV-8B        VMA-231
163686/CG-21          AV-8B        VMA-231
6007                  HH-60J       USCG Elizab. City

F/A-18A Blue Angels: 161983/1, 161957/2, 161975/3
                     161984/4, 161941/5, 161945/6

Flying only:
92-3291 yellow        C-17A        437th AW
63-9810/FT            C-130E       23rd Wing "23WG"
64-0570/FT            C-130E       23rd Wing
70-1267/FT            C-130E       23rd Wing
64-0621 blue          C-141B       438th AW
2x                    A-10A        23rd Wing
88-0497/FT            F-16C        23rd Wing
88-0516/FT            F-16C        23rd Wing

C-141B 437th AW : 64-0611, 65-0217, 66-0163, 66-0207

Hangar 3:
73-1212, 73-1213      C-12C        89th AW

Hangar 5:
77-22933              C-12C        USAR

Hangar 6:
73-1681               C-9C         89th AW
85-6973               C-137C       89th AW

Hangar 7:
UH-1N 89th AW : 69-6637, 69-6642, 69-6654, 69-6655
                69-6658, 69-6663, 69-6669

DC ANG Area:
66-0174 yellow        C-141B       756th ALS
161199/5A             UC-12B       HQMC VIP Flt.
161314/5A             UC-12B       HQMC VIP Flt.
154167/-              A-6E         ex VMA(AW)-332
165093/JR-093         C-20G        VR-48
158843                CT-39G       HQ CFSLW
160054                CT-39G       SOES
All aircraft were inside a hangar, except for the C-141.

64-0637               C-141B       459th AS AFRes
83-4612               C-22B        201st ALS DC ANG
161243/NJ-633         EA-6B        VAQ-129

EA-6B VAQ-209 'AF': 158649/621, 161118/622, 161775/623
C-130T VR-48  'WV': 164994/994, 164996/996, 164997/997
F/A-18A VMFA-321:   161960/00, 161970/01, 161974/02
              'MG'  161977/03, 161979/04, 161982/06
                    162466/10 plus 1
P-3C  VP-68   'LW': 159506/01, 159884/06

F-16C 113th FW    : 85-1400, 85-1422, 85-1426, 85-1428
              'DC'  85-1450, 85-1453, 85-1455, 85-1457
                    85-1461, 85-1464, 85-1465, 85-1474
                    85-1477, 85-1480, 85-1481, 86-0209
F-16D 133rd FW    : 85-1509
The DC Falcons in italic were inside the hangar. The
85-1400 was wearing code '01' on its nose. The 85-1451 was
also wearing "112FS" markings.


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