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Andrews 2005

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Date: 21 May 2005

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79-0086/MD		A-10A		104th FS MD ANG  
79-0198/DM	        A-10A	        357th FS "12AF"  
79-0202/DM	        A-10A	        357th FS         
86-0105		        B-1B	        7th BW           
60-0020/LA	        B-52H	        20th BS "20BS"   
70-0461		        C-5A	        436th AW         
84-0188	                KC-10A	        305th AMW        
76-0163	                C-12C	        USE Canberra     
98-0054	                C-17A	        437th AW         
84-0125	                C-21A	        375th AW         
98-0002	                C-32A	        1st AS           
89-0513	                AC-130U	        4th SOS          
58-0069	                KC-135T	        92nd ARW         
58-0075	                KC-135R	        756th AS AFRC    
64-14846/OF	        RC-135V	        38th RS          
81-0004/OK "552ACW"	E-3C	        963rd AACS       
02-9111/GA		E-8C	        128th ACCS GA ANG
(64-0658)	        GF-4C	        nose only        
82-0044/TY	        F-15D	        95th FS          
87-0171/SJ	        F-15E	        333rd FS         
75-0745		        F-16A	        traveling exhibit
85-1471/DC	        F-16C	        121st FS DC ANG  
03-3042/FF	        F/A-22A	        27th FS          
82-0802/HO, 88-0843/HO	F-117A	        8th FS           
69-6630			UH-1N	        1st HS           
73-21692	        UH-1H	        DC ArNG          
84-24164	        CH-47D	        nn               
95-00015	        OH-58D(I)	nn         
79-23321	        UH-60A		US Customs         
93-26480	        UH-60L	        nn                 
89-00233	        AH-64A	        1-130th AVN NC ArNG
95-0047/XL	        T-1A	        86th FTS           
02-3634/XL	        T-6A	        84th FTS           
67-22245/EN	        T-37B	        89th FTS "89FTS"   
67-14831/HO	        T-38A	        7th CTS            
70-1551/MY	        T-38C	        49th FTS "49FTS"   
73-1153/RA	        CT-43A	        562nd FTS "562FTS" 
68-10329/BB	        U-2S	        99th RS            
158030/NL-500	        EA-6B	        VAQ-133            
162171/RW-37	        C-2A	        VRC-30             
164105/NY-105	        KC-130T	        VMGR-452           
165158/CW-158	        C-130T	        VR-54              
165814/AA-601	        E-2C	        VAW-125            
161740/AF-14	        F/A-18B	        VFC-12             
165802/AB-107	        F/A-18F	        VFA-211            
151549/HU-31	        UH-3H	        HC-2               
157679/17	        CH-46E	        HMX-1              
165246		        CH-53E	        HMX-1              
162019/E-55	        TH-57C	        TW-5               
164808/HQ-476	        SH-60B	        HSL-46             
165764/HW-62	        MH-60S	        HSC-26             
161336/LY-336	        P-3C	        VP-92              
159760/AC-700	        S-3B	        VS-22              
165961/F-961	        T-6A	        TW-6               
161829/E-829	        T-34C	        TW-5               
162644/E-285	        T-34C	        TW-5               
165509/F-01	        T-39N	        TW-6/VT-86         
160849/G-402	        T-44A	        TW-4/VT-31         
165086/A-107	        T-45C	        TW-1/VT-7          
166482/MV-25	        MV-22B	        VMX-22             
2001			HC-130J		USCG Elizabeth City        
6042	                HH-60J	        USCG Elizabeth City
1109	                MH-68A	        USCG Jacksonville  
N46RL	                FG-1D	        ex Bu92508         
N70GA	                C-45	        as "KJ508"         
N148CS	                P-3AEW&C	ex Bu154575        
N178B	                G-IIB		Missile Def. Agency        
N211A	                AT-6D	        ex 44-81596        
N431SK	                P-3B	        ex Bu153431        
N839SA	                CeT206A	        US Border Patrol   
N846BP	                AS350B3	        US Border Patrol   
N910SF	                DC-10-10	Missile Def. Agency
N1171Y	                OV-1D		62-05874                   
N2663Y	                Ce550	        US Customs Service 
N3703G "124485"	        B-17G	        ex 44-83546        
N7062C "Kate BII-310"	SNJ-4	        ex Bu27675        
N7757 "Zero 77-57"	Harvard Mk4	ex Canada 20380
N8388F			H369HS		US Border Patrol
N9079Z	                TB-25N	        ex 44-30734     
N9521C	                PBY-5A	        ex Bu48294      
N52033	                SNJ-2	        ex Bu2040       
N52900	                SNJ-2	        ex Bu2010       
N58224	                SNJ-2	        ex Bu2553       
NL10601	                P-51D	        ex 44-73843     
N60734	                SNJ-2	        ex Bu2032       
N62382	                SNJ-2	        ex Bu2039       
N65370	                SNJ-2	        ex Bu2562       

Flying display:
80-0194/FT +1		OA-10A		74th FS "23FG"      
1x			B-1B	        nmks                
82-8000, 92-9000	VC-25A	        PGO	took off    
1x			C-31A	        Golden Knights      
63-7833			C-130E	        327th AS AFRC       
74-1689			C-130H	        40th AS             
72-0135/TD, 74-1652/TD	QF-4E	        82nd ATRS           
84-0025/FF r +1		F-15C	        71st FS             
2x			AH-64A	        nn                  
03-3678/MY +1		T-6A	        479th FTG           
166620/AA-103		F/A-18F	        VFA-103             
166621/AA-100		F/A-18F	        VFA-103             
3x			VH-3D	        HMX-1	arrived     
159762/AA-710		S-3B	        VS-30               
159769/AA-704		S-3B	        VS-30               
....../CG-01 +1		AV-8B	        VMA-231             
N9CY			L-39	        nn	332744      
N45NL	                F4U-5NL	        ex Bu124692         
N61MD	                AS365N2	        MD State Police     
N86FR	                F-86F	        ex 52-4959          
N911PG	                MD500N	        Pr. George Police   
N6937C	                L-1049H	        Airline Hist. Museum
N6373Y	                Yak9-UM	        as "04"             
codes 1,2,4,5,6,7	F-16C		Thunderbirds
codes 8,10		F-16D		Thunderbirds

Flying only:
82-1070/WM		B-2A		393rd BS

Far side:
62-3516			KC-135R		756th AS AFRC
62-3543			KC-135R		756th AS AFRC
77722/22		F6F-5		pres

69-6604, 69-6657	UH-1N		1st HS
69-6668, 69-7536	UH-1N		1st HS
69-7537, 69-7538	UH-1N		1st HS

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