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Andrews 2009

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Date: 16 May 2009

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60-0047/LA  		B-52H  		2nd BW           
60-0055/MT  	        B-52H  		23rd BS          
68-0217  	        C-5A  		167th AS  WV ANG  
79-1710                 KC-10A  	305th AMW       
07-7185                 C-17A  		437th AW         
84-0092                 C-21A  		375th AW         
02-0201                 C-40C  		201st AS  DC ANG 
06-4634                 C-130J-30  	41st AS      
69-6577                 AC-130H  	16th SOS       
62-3543                 KC-135R  	756th ARS  AFRC
78-0578/OK  	        E-3B  		960th ACCS        
85-1400/DC  	        F-16C  		121st FS  DC ANG 
69-6630  	        UH-1N  		1st HS           
92-26465/FT  	        HH-60G  	41st RQS        
91-0101/TA  	        T-1A  		99th FTS          
06-3828/VN  	        T-6A  		32nd FTS          
68-8217/XL  	        T-38C  		87th FTS         
73-1154/RA  	        CT-43A  	562nd FTS       
97-0104  	        UC-35A  	PATD            
73-21692  	        UH-1H  		121st MedCo      
04-25378  	        MH-6M  		1-160th SOAR     
06-3767  	        MH-47G  	1-160th SOAR    
07-02057  	        UH-72A  	121st MedCo     
69-16131  	        OH-58A  	1-224th AVN     
161309  	        UC-12B   	nmks           
164995/AX-995  	        C-130T  	VR-53           
166472/BH-472  	        KC-130J  	VMGR-252       
163536/AA-600  	        E-2C+  		VAW-125          
164387  	        E-6B  		VQ-3              
164271/DC-05  	        F/A-18C  	VMFA-122       
161017/HF-24  	        AH-1W  		HMLA-269         
158266/HF-07  	        UH-1N  		HMLA-269         
157682/20  	        CH-46E  	HMX-1           
161182/CJ-00  	        CH-53E          HMH-461 
164864/BJ-547  	        MH-53E          HM-14   
165252/32  	        CH-53E          HMX-1   
165750/BR-50  	        MH-60S          HSC-28  
158215  	        P-3C  	        VP-30   
153442/RL-442  	        NP-3D  		NRL              
165967/F-967  	        T-6A  		TAW-5             
165989/F-989            T-6A  		TAW-6             
161799/E-799            T-34C  		TAW-5            
167076/B-296            T-45C           TW-2    
167083/B-305            T-45C           TW-2    
167090/B-312            T-45C           TW-2    
166721/YS-07            MV-22B  	VMM-162         
6001  		        MH-60J  	Elizabeth City  
N172RU  	        Mi-8MTV-1  	6th SOS      
N2531K  	        Ce550  		USCBP            
N140HS  	        AB139  		USCBP            

84-0075, 84-0098  	C-21A  		375th AW
76-0163, 76-0171  	C-12C  		nn

03-4049/FF, 03-4060/FF  F-22A  		94th FS1FW     
79-0213/FT  		A-10C           74th FS        
80-0194/FT  		A-10C           74th FS  "23Wg"
165801/AD222  		F/A18F  	VFA-106
165806/AD-220  		F/A18F  	VFA-106
99-0404  		C-37A  		99th AS
01-0040, 01-0041  	C-40C  		99th AS
85-1607  		C-31A  		Golden Knights
95-26634  		MH-60L  	nn
Also the  Air Forces' Thunderbirds were parked here with seven 
yet unidentified F-16s.

Far side:
1x  C-9  86th AW
57-1479, 57-1487  	KC-135R  	756th ARS  AFRC
57-1512, 62-3556  	KC-135R  	756th ARS  AFRC
63-7830  		KC-135R  	412th FLTS
85-1509  		F-16D  		121stFS  DC-ANG

121st FS DC ANG 'DC'   F-16C:
85-1426,   85-1438,   85-1461,   85-1471,   85-1476
85-1481,   86-0209,   86-0239,   86-0243

Flightline 1st HS     UH-1Ns:
69-6604,   69-6618,   69-6633,   69-6636, 69-6637, 
69-6655,   69-6668,   69-7536,   69-7537
This flightline was behind the bus terminal.

Hangar UH-1Ns 1st HS:
69-6656,   69-6657,   69-6658,   69-6659,   69-6661,
69-6663,   69-6667,   69-6668,   69-6669,   69-7538

71-0867  		C-9A  		pres.
"89001"  		L1329  		really N329K 
61-0041  		F-105D  	pres

N103LT/TA-902  		SNJ-4  		nn  		c/n 88-12097
N22968  		C-123K  	54-0664
N3703G  		B-17G  		ex 41-24485
NL51HY  		P-51D  		ex 45-11439
N66JB  			T-6G  		ex 49-2915
N70GA  			C-45  		ex KJ508
NL82GA  		SBD-5  		private 	c/n 17371
NX1345BLH  		P-47D  		ex 44-90447
N382FW  		FW-149  	ex Germany 90+58
N8020K  		FujiLM-1  	private
N7757  			Harvard MkIV  	Zero replica
N55107  		L-39C  		433136
N2805JEN  		AC-47D   	43-770
N15SJ  			C-47B  		ex 44-76717
NL2825B  		RB-25  		40-2168 .MissHap.
N9586Z/SL-401  		TBM-3E  	85886
NX228JKJK-104  		T-28B  		ex 137668
N281CM035  		T-28B  		ex 140035
N54714P  		T-19A  		ex 42-83447
NX117BR  		MiG-17F  	Red Bull   	c/n 1C1529
The annual Joint Service open house at Andrews AFB always 
offer a wide variety of aircraft. Most remarkable was the large 
presence of special forces command. Next to some fixed wing 
aircraft like an AC-130, a total of three different helicopters were 
present. The small MH-6M Cayuse was sitting next to his larger 
brother  the MH-47, but it was a soviet built helicopter which 
was the star of the show. An all white civil registered Mi-8 with 
a large  question mark took  all  the  attention. Although owned 
by a "semi" civil company this Hip operates for special opera-
tions command. Another Russian build aircraft in service with 
the United States forces was the L-39C flying for the test pilot 
Several KC-135s and DC coded F-16s could be found at the 
other side of the static show. By taking the bus to the other side 
parking you could see some of these birds.
With Beaufort and Cherry Point air shows in the same weekend 
the organisation didn't have that many choice for the flying dis-
plays. One could enjoy the F-22A, F/A-18 and A-10 solo displays. 
Flying display aircraft were parked next to the static, so even 
spare aircraft could have been noted with some effort.
Although the flying display wasn't that shocking, the static show 
compensated for that. Still the open house is a good opportu-
nity  to catch some of the presidential helicopters and 1st HS 

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