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Andrews 2012

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Andrews AFB Joint Services Open House
Date: 19-20 May 2012
60-0035/BD B-52H 93rd BS AFRC  
68-0222 C-5A 167th AS WV ANG  
85-0032 KC-10A 305th AMW  
90-0532 C-17A 62nd AW  
84-0098 C-21A 457th AS  
09-27018 C-27J 135th AS MD ANG  
94-1570 C-38A 201st AS DC ANG  
02-0202 C-40C 201st AS DC ANG  
65-0982/FT HC-130P 71st RQS  
85-0011 MC-130H 15th SOS  
92-0253 AC-130U 4th SOS  
93-1037 C-130H 50th AS  
62-3556 KC-135R 756th ARS AFRC  
85-1509 F-16D 121st FS “113th FW”$
69-6633 UH-1N 1st HS  
91-26356 HH-60G 41st RQS 70-1719
95-0069/VN T-1A 32nd FTS  
98-3543/CB T-6A 37th FTS PT-47
68-8171/VN T-38C 25th FTS  
89-00136 CH-47D B5-159th AVN  
91-26367 MH-60L C3/160th SOAR 70-1732
98-05079, 03-05379 AH-64D 1-130th AVN NC ARNG  
08-72052 UH-72A 121st MedCo DC NG 9208
161883/AF-500 EA-6B VAQ-209 $
162936/RM-09 EA-6B VMAQ-4  
163124/VE-214 F/A-18A++ VMFA-115  
163132/VE-210 F/A-18A++ VMFA-115  
165151 C-20G VR-48  
165809/BH-809 KC-130J VMGR-252  
165053/HF-06 AH-1W HMLA-269  
160459/CA-06 UH-1N HMLA-467 31751
157673/MQ-422 CH-46E HMM-774  
161183/HH-01 CH-53E HMH-366  
154589/RL-589 NP-3D VXS-1  
164562/CG-01 AV-8B+ VMA-231  
165841/ES-10 MV-22B VMM-266  
2307 HC-144A Mobile  
2104 HU-25C+ Cape Cod  
73-21769 UH-1H-II US CBP  
N103LT SNJ-4 ex Bu27154 as “376902”
N112CP MT-7-235 Civil air Patrol  
N1156V L-5 ex 45-55531, as 42-98758  
N1232N Kittyhawk III ex RCAF 845 as “00”
N129DH L-29 ex Indonesia LL-2914  
N1345B P-47D ex Yugoslavia 44-90447  
N147CS P-3AEW&C US Dept of HS ex 152722  
N19YN UH-34D ex Bu150570/YN-19  
N212YS AW139M Agusta Westland  
N21790 CJ6A ex China as “AK-86”
N22968 C-123K ex 54-0664/AH  
N24927 Liberator Mk1 ex RCAF AM927  
N2805J C-47A ex 43-16369 as “43-770/EN  
N281CM T-28B ex Bu140035  
N330NX PC-12/47E Pilatus  
N345AB C-47A ex 43-30652  
N382FW P149D ex West Germany 90+58  
N4281K Navion 4 not ex-mil  
N45GC C-45H ex 52-10539  
N500EJ R5D-4 ex Bu90414  
N516BG Bulldog T1 ex RAF XX516/A  
N56360 BT-13A ex 41-122026 5946
N608CP GA-8 Civil air Patrol  
N60DJ Harvard IV ex RCAF 20473  
N61429 P-51C ex 42-103645  
N6364Z StrikemastMk88 ex NZ6364  
N65497 Ce172P Christiansen Avn  
N7062C SNJ-4 ex Bu27675 as “BII-310”
N729CP Ce182T Civil Air Patrol  
N8020K LM-1 ex Japan 21011/SU LM-14
N82GA A-24B ex 42-54532  
N864CP Ce182T Civil Air Patrol  
N9079Z B-25J ex 44-30734  
N9522L Ce172P Civil Air Patrol  
Flightline north side/flying:
69-6604, 69-6630 UH-1N 1st HS  
69-6636, 69-6655 UH-1N 1st HS  
69-6661, 69-6667 UH-1N 1st HS  
69-7536, 69-7537 UH-1N 1st HS  
08-72057 UH-72A 121st MedCo DC ARNG
Flightline along static/flying:
89-0128/WM B-2A 13th BS 19
08-4154/FF, 09-4183/FF F-22A 94th FS  
N51JB P-51D ex Nicaragua GN-122 “473029”  
N55107 L-39C ex Ukraine  
N6373Y Yak-9UM new-built 470404
N92879 SB2C-5 ex Bu83589/32  
F/A-18A/C* of the Blue Angels:
163768/1*, 163498/2*, 163765/3*, 163754/4*, 162437/5, 163093/6
Geico Skytypers:
SNJ-2: N58224/5, N52900/3, N60734/2, N62382/6, N65370/1
SNJ-3: N7648E/4
Resp. ex BuNo: 2553, 2010, 2034, 2039, 2562 and 20882
Flightline south side/flying:
85-01607 C-31A Golden Knights  
162310/QH-310 KC-130T VMGR-234  
163864/CG-16 AV-8B+ VMA-231  
165356/CG-09 AV-8B+ VMA-231  
166685/ES-04 MV-22B VMM-266  
N3000B T-6A Raytheon  
Plus an unidentified No7 Blue Angels F/A-18D.
East side:
71-0876 C-9A wfu  
57-1508/HH KC-135R 203rd ARS HI ANG  
57-1487, 57-1512 KC-135R 756th ARS AFRC  
58-0075, 59-1469 KC-135R 756th ARS AFRC  
163006/006 P-3C nmks  
F-16C/D* 121st FS DC ANG, coded DC
86-0340, 0356, 0357, 87-0243, 0292, 0304, 0328, 86-0044*
Arrived on Friday the 12th after a deployement at NAS Key West, FL for DACT training.
Hangar 1:
69-6618 UH-1N std, damaged  
69-6637, 69-6638 UH-1N 1st HS  
69-6657, 69-6658 UH-1N 1st HS  
69-6659, 69-6668 UH-1N 1st HS  
69-6669 UH-1N 1st HS  
Hangar 6:
99-0404 C-37A 99th AS  
Hangar 7:
98-0002 C-32A 1st AS  
Behind Hangar 7:
86-0204 C-20B 99th AS  


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