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Andrews 2015

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Andrews Open House
Date: 18-9-2015
79-0086/MD A-10C 104th FS MD ANG  
85-0089/DY B-1B 28th BS ‘489 BG’
61-0002/LA B-52H 20th BS ’2 OG’ 
87-0036 C-5M 436th AW  
86-0038 KC-10A 60th AMW  
76-0160 C-12A 89th AW  
07-7169 C-17A 436th AW  
86-0201 C-20B 89th AW            
86-1396 C-130H 189th AW AR ANG  
57-1479 KC-135R 756th ARS AFRC      
86-0342 F-16C 121st FS DC ANG  
11-5027/EG F-35A 58th FS  
74-22311/FR TH-1H 23rd TS  
95-0050/CB T-1A 48th FTS      
01-3616/CB T-6A 41st FTS  
70-1582/CB T-38C 49th FTS  
61-0847/CB T-38C 49th FTS  
80-1096/BB U-2S 99th RS  
12-0065 CV-22B 7th SOS  
83-23885 UH-60L nn  
09-20216 UH-60M 12th AVN  
09-72057, 11-72214 UH-72A 1-224th AVB DC ARNG  
761531/AF-104 F-5N VFC-111  
761532/AF-16 F-5N VFC-111  
158562 UH-1N  std for USAF   “72-8562”  
163789/NW-205 HH-60H HSC-84         
2317 HC-144A Cape Cod            
N72764 (08-27173) UH-60M US CPB  
N149CS P-3AEW&C US Homeland Security  
N386MD AW139 MD State Police  
N405JZ AW139    
N505GA G200    


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