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Atlanta 1996

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Date: 28 September 1996

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158649   	AF-621  	EA-6B Prowler           VAQ 209
162207          NG-503     	A-6E Intruder           VA-165
161510          7B              UC-12B Huron            Atlanta
160418          AF-03        	E-2C Hawkeye            VAW-77
158627          AF-102      	F-14A Tomcat            VF-201
161857          XF-135      	F-14A Tomcat            VX-9
162458          AF-06        	FA-18A Hornet           VFC-12
162868          AF-300      	FA-18A Hornet           VFA-203
162905          AF-411      	FA-18A Hornet           VFA-204
148986          F-402         	UH-3H                   Pensacola SAR
163005          LT-005       	P-3C Orion              VP-62
156693          A-940         	T-2C Buckeye            CTW-1
165067          B-267          	T-45A Goshawk           TW-2
68-10959                        C-9A Nightingale        375 AW
91-0506                         C-26B Metro             128 BS Georgia ANG
81-0631         DB             	C-130H Hercules         700 AS
58-0011                         KC-135R Stratotanker	22 ARW
165283          MP-00        	AH-1W Cobra             HMLA-773 
165284          MP-01           AH-1W Cobra             HMLA-773 
165285          MP-02           AH-1W Cobra             HMLA-773 
165286          MP-03           AH-1W Cobra             HMLA-773 
165287          MP-04           AH-1W Cobra             HMLA-773 
164595          MP-05           AH-1W Cobra             HMLA-773 
164596          MP-06           AH-1W Cobra             HMLA-773 
165288          MP-07           AH-1W Cobra             HMLA-773 
165289          MP-08           AH-1W Cobra             HMLA-773 
165290          MP-09           AH-1W Cobra             HMLA-773 
165292          MP-11           AH-1W Cobra             HMLA-773 
158778          MP-22           UH-1N Iroquois          HMLA-773
158269          MP-24           UH-1N Iroquois          HMLA-773
158289          MP-25           UH-1N Iroquois          HMLA-773
158558          MP-27           UH-1N Iroquois          HMLA-773
161783          AF-00         	E-2C Hawkeye            VAW-77
161953          AF-301       	FA-18A Hornet           VFA-203
162886          AF-303          FA-18A Hornet           VFA-203
162888          AF-305          FA-18A Hornet           VFA-203
162867          AF-306          FA-18A Hornet           VFA-203
161930          AF-315          FA-18A Hornet           VFA-203
164948          AD-301          FA-18C Hornet           VFA-106 
6508                            HH-65A Dolphin          USCG Savannah
93-0540         SW             	F-16C Falcon            20 FW
93-0554         SW             	F-16C Falcon            20 FW
71-20127                        UH-1H Iroquois          151 Med Battn Georgia ARNG

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