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Atlanta 2000

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Date: 29 April 2000

Made by:


76-0062/JZ		F-15A		122nd FS   
86-0186/SJ	        F-15E	        334th FS   
68-8030/XL??	        T-37B	        85th FTS   
70-1586/XL	        T-38A	        87th FTS   
161348/MD-02	        EA-6B	        VMAQ-3     
161504/7B	        UC-12B	        NAS Atlanta
161783/AF-00	        E-2C	        VAW-77     
840456/AF-30	        F-5F	        VFC-13     
161435/102	        F-14B	        VF-103     
162409/MB-201	        F/A-18A	        VMFA-142   
165538/NJ-200	        F/A-18E	        VFA-122    
165322/MP-12	        AH-1W	        HMLA-773   
158267/MP-23	        UH-1N	        HMLA-773   
159747/AJ-705	        S-3B	        VS-24      
165460/A-117	        T-45C	        VT-7       
The serial of the T-37 is probably wrong, according to our
information this particular aircraft moved to Colombia long ago.

79-0050/EG		F-15C		60th FS 
79-0065/EG	        F-15C	        58th FS 
87-0188/SJ	        F-15E	        333rd FS
162841/AF-302	        F/A-18A	        VFA-203 
162862/AF-312	        F/A-18A	        VFA-203 
162867/AF-306	        F/A-18A	        VFA-203 
162892/AF-307	        F/A-18A	        VFA-203 
158549/MP-22	        UH-1N	        HMLA-773
163654/B-254	        T-45A	        TW-2    

Flying only:
85-0089/GA		B-1B		128th BS GA ANG
85-0818/HO	        F-117A		8th FS         

155648			A-6E

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