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Barksdale 1999

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Date: 25 April 1999

Made by:

Updated: 13 September 1999

A-10A         79-0148/BD blue        47FS/917W 
OA-10A        79-0105/BD blue        47FS            "Daisy Mae" 
B-1B          86-0109/DY checkered   7OG             "Spectre" 
B-52H         60-0001/LA             20BS 
B-52H         60-0017/LA             11BS 
B-52H         60-0054                96BS/2BW 
B-52H         61-0032/BD             93BS/2BW 
C-9B          68-8933                11AS/375AW 
C-21A         84-0089                311ALF? u/m 
WC-130        64-14861               53WRS/403W 
RC-135U       64-14847/OF            38RS/55W 
F-15C         84-0027/FF blue        94FS/1FW 
F-15C         80-0004/FF blue        94FS/1FW 
F-16C         85-1415                111FS/TX ANG 
F-16C         84-1256                111FS/TX ANG 
T-1A          93-0622/XL             86FTS/47FTW 
T-37B         67-14730/EN            89FTS/80FTW 
T-38A         67-14841/EN            90FTS/80FTW 
T-38A         65-10324/WM            394CTS/509BW 
OH-58D        92-0528                4/2 ACR 2nd Rgt, ex 71-20528, ex 85-24708 
UH-60A        86-24525               4/2 ACR 
AH-64A        85-25405               1-149AVN, TX ArNG 
AH-64A        90-0306                B/3-101 AVN 
F/A-18C       164912/NJ-306          VFA-125 
T-2C          158594/F-800           VT-4/CTW-6 
T-2C          159714/F-801           VT-4/CTW-6 
T-39N         165516/F-08            VT-86/CTW-6 
T-44A         160842/G-442           VT-31/TW-4 
CT-114        114141                 2FTS 
F-4U-1B       92468/N9964Z 
A-26B         437140/N240P 
T-34B         N6306D                 ex 140774 

Flightline - South Ramp: 
F-15A         77-0148/JZ             122FS/LA ANG 
F-16C         83-1138/AC             119FS/NJ ANG 
T-37B         60-0113/VN             8FTS/71FTW 
T-37B         ..-..../33FTS          33FTS/71FTW 
TG-9A         N972AF                 94ATS                is 86-1972 

Far South Ramp: 
A-10A         79-0143/BD 
A-10A         79-0145/BD 
A-10A         79-0151/BD 
A-10A         79-0153/BD 

OA-10A        79-0095/BD            57FS/917W 
A-10A         79-0149/BD            57FS/917W 
A-10A         79-0155/BD            57FS/917W 
A-10A         79-0153/BD            57FS/917W 
B-52H         61-0013/LA            96BS/2BW 
F-15C         82-0024/FF blue       94FS/1FW 
F-15C         83-0017/FF red        71FS/1FW 
C-130H        85-0035               357AS/908AW            parachute team drop 

A-10A         (76-520)               BDRT 
A-10A         (76-521)               BDRT 
A-7D          71-0339/ED             behind hangar opposite museum a/c 

Local B-52Hs: 
11BS/LA Gold: 
60-0002,60-0011,60-0035,60-0038,60-0048,60-0061,61-0003,61-0006,61-0011 "11BMS",61-0012, 
61-0015,61-0025,61-0031 "2ndBW",61-0038,61-0039,60-0011,61-0028 

20BS/LA Blue: 
60-0012,60-0014,60-0020 "20thBMS",60-0025,60-0030,60-0043,60-0046,60-0049, 
60-0057,60-0062,61-0002 "2ndOG",61-0004,61-0023 

96BS/LA Red: 
60-0008 "8thAF",60-0010,60-0013,60-0016,60-0019,60-0022,60-0028,60-0053, 
60-0059 "96thBMS",61-0009,61-0020,61-0024 


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