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Barksdale 2009

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Date: 9 May 2009

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79-0142/BD	A-10A		47th FS
79-0153/BD	A-10A		47th FS
86-0107/DY	B-1B		28th BS
82-1070/WM	B-2A		393rd BS
60-0041/BD	B-52H		93rd BS
61-0015/LA	B-52H		96th BS
77-0352/OK	E-3B		964th AACS
92-3290/GA	E-8C		116th ACW
62-4127/OF	TC-135W		45th RS
97-5306		WC-130J		53rd WRS
84-0102		C-21A		nn
62-3548		KC-135R		97th AMW
78-0503/JZ	F-15C		122nd FS
83-0010/FF	F-15C		71st FS
85-0102/FF	F-15C		71st FS
87-0290/FM	F-16C		93rd FS  as 482FW
73-21747	UH-1H		812nd MedCo
93-0634/XL	T-1A		86th FTS
07-3871/EN	T-6A		89th FTS 
68-8014/EN	T-37B		89th FTS
65-10419/WM	T-38A		394th CTS
73-1154/RA	CT-43A		562th FTS
160509/AD-01	T-34C		SFWSL

Flightlines (in front of public):
89-0475/SJ	F-15E		334th FS
90-0232/SJ	F-15E		335th FS
88-0521/HL	F-16C		4th FS
88-0533/HL	F-16C		4th FS

Snowbirds, 431sq,   CT-114:
114009/1, 114089/2, 114085/4, 114104/6, 114145/7, 114090/8, 114013/10, 114109/11, 114050/-

Flightlines (north side):
B-52H 11th BS
60-0001/LA, 61-011/LA
B-52H nm
60-0018, 60-0021, 60-0028, 60-0047, 60-0054, 61-0002, 61-0008, 61-0013
B-52Hs of the 20th BS, tailcode LA:
60-0024, 60-0025, 60-0048, 61-0004, 61-0028, 61-0036 +1 coded "20 BS"
B-52Hs of the 96th BS, tailcode LA:
60-0022, 60-0038, 60-0052, 60-0059, 60-0062

Flightlines (south side):
60-0037		B-52H		nm
60-0057		B-52H		nm
60-0049/OT	B-52H		49th FLTS "49TES"
67-22246/EN	T-37B		89th FTS

Flying only:
82-1067/WM	B-2A		509th BW

Far side:
(76-0520/BD)	A-10A		dumped

Besides the aircraft mentioned, there were several more B-52s on the south side.
Also some based A-10s could be seen in the distance. Two of these flew, but
remain unidentified. Nice to see a B-2 on the static and this was the last air show
to see operational T-37s, one was on the static and one did fly. They have now been
replaced by T-6s. As usual for an American air show there were several warbirds in
the static and on the flightlines, but the reporter did not noted them.

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