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Barksdale 2010

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Date: 25 April 2010

Made by:


78-0582/BD,79-0155/BD 	A-10C 		47th FS AFRC
85-0079/EL 		B-1B 		34th BS          
90-0040/WM              B-2A 		393rd BS         
60-0032/LA              B-52H 		96th BS         
60-0024/LA              B-52H 		2nd BW          
61-0002/LA              B-52H 		96th BS "2nd OG"
61-0013/LA              B-52H 		20th BS         
79-1711 		KC-10A 		514th AMW      
05-5144                 C-17A 		729th AS AFRC   
84-0140                 C-21A 		458th AS        
91-0504                 RC-26B 		130th AS WV ANG
97-5303                 WC-130J 	53rd WRS AFRC 
62-4133/OF 		TC-135S 	45th RS
63-8883 		KC-135R 	97th AMW
80-0054/JZ 		F-15D 		122nd FS LA ANG 
83-0018/MO              F-15C           390th FS        
86-0179/MO              F-15C           390th FS "366FW"
86-0184/ET              F-15E           40th FLTS       
86-0264/FM              F-16C           93rd FS AFRC    
95-0045/CB              T-1A 		48th FTS         
06-3855/CB              T-6A 		41st FTS c/n PT-410  
07-3871/EN              T-6A 		89th FTW c/n PT-426  
68-8151/CB              T-38C 		50th FTS        
68-8167/CB              T-38C 		50th FTS "50FTS"
81-23597 		UH-60A 		1-244th Avn LA ArNG
04-05475 		AH-64D 		3ACR 4thSQ USAR
07-2306 		UH-72A 		1-114th Avn c/n 9176
166636/AJ-210 		F/A-18F 	VFA-213
N22KD 			AT-6C 		"Catch 22"
N29NR 			L-29 		nn
NX39RX 			L-39ZO 		ex C/N 731003
N73TZ 			L19/C305A 	ex USN 17430
N2151D 			P-51D 		ex 44-14237
N313AF 			T-52A 		USAFA
N760BC 			L-19A 		ex USAF 59-24538
N66671 			T-50 		ex USAAF 43-32426

79-0180/BD, 80-0171/BD 	A-10C 		47th FS AFRC
60-0051/BD 		B-52H 		93rd BS AFRC
166455/NJ-137 		F/A-18F 	VFA-122
166466/NJ-132 		F/A-18F 	VFA-122
N725SD 			T-6G 		ex SAAF 7255
N729AM 			T-6G 		ex USAF 51-14429
N900RW 			B-17G 		ex USAAF 42-38050
NL1042B 		VB-25N 		ex USAAF 44-30823
N5428V 			P-51D 		ex USAAF 44-73264
And the USAF Thunderbirds with their F-16s.
 end of ramp:   
60-0011/BD 		B-52H 		11th BS "11 BS"    
60-0031/OT              B-52H           49th TES           
60-0049/OT              B-52H           49th TES "49th TES"
61-0016/LA              B-52H           20th BS            
68-8151/CB              T-38C           50th FTS           
B-52Hs of the 93rd BS/AFRC coded BD:
60-0041, 61-0008, 61-0017, 61-0038,
North end of ramp:
60-0002/LA 		B-52H 		11th BS "2 BW"
60-0037/LA 		B-52H           96th BS       
60-0042/BD, 60-0045/BD 	B-52H           93rd BS AFRC  
60-0061/BD, 61-0031/BD  B-52H           93rd BS AFRC  
60-0028/LA, 60-0032/LA  B-52H           96th BS       
60-0058/LA, 61-0010/LA  B-52H           20th BS       
60-0052/LA, 60-0062/LA 	B-52H           96th BS       
61-0013/LA 		B-52H           20th BS       
61-0015/LA 		B-52H           96th BS       

Maintenance Hangar:
60-0016/LA 		B-52H 		20th BS

Other B-52s:
60-0024/LA, 60-0048/LA 	B-52H 		2nd BW
60-0037, 61-0019 	B-52H 		nmks
60-0038/BD 		B-52H 		96th BS
60-0051/BD, 61-0011/BD 	B-52H 		93rd BS AFRC
These B-52s were on the above ramps, but it was not noted
wich ramps they were.

Far side:
76-0520 		A-10A 		i/a

8th AF Museum:
5060 			MiG-21F 	preserved
XM606 			Vulcan B2 	preserved
44-83884/D 		B-17G 		preserved
44-48781/WQ-E 		B-24J 		preserved
44-87627/BF-627 	TB-29A 		preserved
53-2276 		B-47E 		preserved
56-0629 		B-52D 		preserved
43-16130 		C-47A 		preserved
53-0240 		KC-97L 		preserved
56-3595 		KC-135A 	preserved
51-1386/FS-386 		F-84F 		preserved
68-0284 		FB-111A 	preserved
42-36887/232 		AT-11 		preserved
64-17967/BB 		SR-71A 		preserved
58-0615 		T-33A 		preserved
N40081 			UC-45J 		ex USN 39266

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