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Barksdale 2015

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Barksdale AFB Air Show
Date: 02 May 2015
155203 CT-155 NFTC  
79-0189/FT A-10C 75th FS  
85-0088/DY B-1B 28th BS  
93-1088/WM B-2A 509th BW  
61-0017/BD B-52H 93rd BS AFRC  
61-0004/LA B-52H 20th BS  
86-0030 KC-10A 305th AMW  
93-0602 C-17A 437th AW  
73-1588/DM EC-130H 41st ECS  
97-5305 WC-130J 43rd WRS AFRC  
08-8606 C-130J-30 314th AW  
78-0510/JZ F-15C 122nd FS LA ANG  
88-1678/MO F-15E 389th FS  
95-0042/CB T-1A 14th FTW  
65-10442/WM T-38A 509th BW  
70-1565/VN T-38C 71st FTW  
164107/AC-603 E-2C VAW-126  
164699/WK-15 F/A-18D VMFA(AW)-224  
165083/A-104 T-45C TW-1  
165488/A-145 T-45C TW-1  
07-72018 UH-72A A/5th Avn  
6581 MH-65D New Orleans  
N941NA B377SGT Johnson  
N927NA WB-57F Johnson  
N967NA T-38N Johnson  
86-0133/DY B-1B 9th BS  
60-0021/LA B-52H 96th BS  
85-01608 C-31A Golden Knights  
60-0028/LA B-52H 2 BW 96 BS    
60-0054/LA B-52H 20 BS  
60-0057/BD B-52H 340 WPS  
B-52H of 93rd BS AFRC, coded BD:
60-0038, 60-0042, 61-0008, 61-0021, 61-0029


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