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Barksdale AFB 2012

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Barksdale AFB


Date: 22-4-2012
79-0152/BD, 79-0153/BD A-10C 47th FS  
85-0090/DY B-1B 28th BS  
60-0001/LA B-52H 96th BS  
61-0008/BD B-52H 93th BS  
86-0018 C-5B 337th AS AFRC
65-0980 WC-130E 105th AS Tn ANG
73-1588/DM EC-130H 41st ECS  
96-5300 WC-130J 43rd WRS AFRC
07-46311 C-130J-30 53rd AS  
62-4133/OF TC-135S 45th RS  
63-8024 KC-135R 336th ARS AFRC
97-0200/GA E-8C 116th ACCS  
66-8402/WM T-38A 509th BW  
68-8171/VN T-38C 25th FTS  
N983DA DA.20-C1 USAF Academy  
07-72015 UH-72A JRTC 9135
166639/AJ-213 F/A-18F VFA-213  
2849 L-29 Private  
N204JP Jet Provost T4 ex RAF XR701  
N25YR B-25J ex USAAF 43-27868/  
N2805J AC-47 ex USAAF 43-770/EN  
N6671 T-50 ex USAAF 43-32549  
N82276 AH-1P ex UASR 76-22695  
N7058Q N2S-4 23  
88-0331/W B-2A 509th BW  
74-0643/TD, 74-1638/TD QF-4E 82nd ATRS  
NX4747P P-47D ex USAAF 44-90368  
N306CW T-33AN ex CAF 21306  
N900RW B-17G ex USAAF 44-85718  
N725SD T-6G ex SAAF 7725  
N729AM T-6G ex USN 114429  
Plus the usual unidentified USAF Thunderbirds
60-0002/LA B-52H 2nd BW  
60-0016/LA B-52H std  
B-52H of 20th BS, coded LA:
60-0013 60-0058 61-0004 61-0013 61-0016 61-0020 60-0024 60-0048
60-0054 61-0010
B-52H of 96th BS coded LA:
60-0032 60-0059 60-0062 61-0006 61-0036 60-0022 60-0028 60-0052
B-52H of 93rd BS/AFRC, coded BD:
60-0011 60-0015 60-0038 60-0041 60-0042 60-0045 60-0051 60-0057
60-0061 61-0011 61-0017 61-0021 61-0029 61-0031


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