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Barksdale AFB 2014

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Barksdale AFB Defenders of Liberty Airshow
Date: 26-4-2014
82-1068/WM B-2A 509 BW  
60-0001/LA B-52H 96 BS  
60-0008/LA B-52H 20 BS  
60-0061/BD B-52H 93rd BS AFRC  
60-0028 B-52H nmk  
85-0006 C-5B 337th AS AFRC  
79-0433 KC-10A 305th AMW  
98-0055 C-17A 58th AS  
74-2070 C-130H 19th AW  
60-0320 KC-135R 91st ARS  
62-4133/OF TC-135S 45th RS  
88-0497/HL F-16C 421st FS  
91-0100/CB T-1A 48th FTS “80 OG”
08-3917/EN T-6A 80 FTW  
66-4349/EN T-38C 80 FTW  
66-8402/WM, 67-14831/WM T-38A 394th CTS  
Flightline East:
89-2134/HL F-16C 421st FS  
02-4040/TY F-22A 325th FW  
03-4043/TY F-22A 43rd FS  
N70465 UV-18B USAF Academy Parachute  
N7227C B-17G Ex USAAF 41-24592  
N20TF TF-51D ex USAF 67-14866  
Plus the USAF Thunderbirds with their F-16s. The Mustang was reported as NL20F as a TP-51D, but most likely this is the N20TF which marks all the spots, please correct us if we are wrong.
Eastern Ramp:
60-0057/BD B-52H 340th WPS  
61-0004/LA B-52H 96th BS  
60-0049/OT B-52H 49th TES  
Northern PAN:
60-0013/LA, 61-0020/LA B-52H 20th BS  
60-0022/LA, 61-0016/LA B-52H 96th BS  
60-0062/LA, 60-0032/LA B-52H 96th BS  
61-0002/LA B-52H 96th BS  
61-0014 B-52H 5th BW  
Central PAN:
60-0016/LA, 60-0024/LA B-52H 20th BS  
60-0025/LA B-52H 20th BS  
60-0021/LA, 60-0048/LA B-52H 96th BS  
60-0058/LA, 61-0006/LA B-52H 96th BS “96 BS”
60-0059 B-52H 96th BS  
Southern PAN:
60-0015, 60-0045 B-52H nmk  
60-0031/OT B-52H 53rd WG  
61-0004/LA B-52H 20th BS  
61-0031 B-52H nmk  
B-52H of the 93rd BS AFRC, coded BD:
60-0015, 60-0023, 60-0038, 60-0041, 60-0042,
60-0057, 61-0017, 61-0021, 61-0029, 61-0038
Plus another B-52H with serial that ended with 0011/BD, but not confirmed if it was AF 60 or 61 serialed.

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