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Barnes 1985

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Date: 9 June 1985

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Updated: 21 April 2000

71-0294		A-7D		121TFW OH ANG
72-0226		A-7D		192TFG/149TFS VA ANG
78-0624		A-10A		104TFG/131TFS MA ANG
57-1491		KC-135E		101ARW/132ARS ME ANG
83-0493		LC-130H		109TAG/139TAS NY ANG
65-0739/NJ	F-4D     	141TFS/108TFW NJ ANG
83-1102/SW	F-16A		19TFS/363 TFW		Shaw AFB
83-1103/SW	F-16A		19TFS/363 TFW		Shaw AFB
57-0698		T-33A		49FIS			Griffiss AFB
59-0360		T-37B		71FTW			Vance AFB
68-8181		T-38A		14FTW/50FTS		Columbus AFB
73-21808	UH-1H					Ft Devens
68-18490	CH-54B		208 Trans Co CT NG
161852/AD-153	F-14A		VF-101                  Oceana

A-10A  MA ANG:  78-0644 78-0618 78-0608 78-0583

A-10A  MA ANG:  78-0618 78-0648

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