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Beale 1999

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Date: 18 September 1999

Made by:


86-128    EL          28BW               B-1B 
61-0016   LA gld      11BS               B-52H 
80216     blk/gld     60AMW              C-5C 
70127                 58SOW              MC-130H 
91463     r/w         173ARS/NEB ANG     KC-135R 
10268     r           940ARW/AFRC        KC-135E 
60160     grn         62AW               C-141B 
81-0004   OK blk      552ACW             E-3C 
87-0338   HL blk/y    466FS              F-16C 
83-1179   LF y        56FW               F-16D 
85-1508   LFy         56FW               F-16D 
86-0840   HO r        9FS                F-117A 
90-413    CB r/bl     48FTS              T-1A 
64-13410  XL y        47OG               T-37B 
64-13301  BB r        1RS                T-38A 
68-8186   HO slvr     49FW               T-38A 
80-1080   BB r        1RS                U-2S 
96-3023   WA          57FW               Predator 
162879    42          NSAWC              F/A-18A 
164079    NH-611      HS-6               SH-60H 
164615    NH-612      HS-6               SH-60H 
75-274    DM bl/y     GIA/BDR            OA-10A 

53145     r           940ARW             KC-135E 
88-0476   HL blk      421FS/388FW        F-16C 
89-2134   HL blk      421FS/388FW        F-16C 
64-13257  BB r        9RW                T-38A 
64-13270  BB r        9RW                T-38A 
65-10342  BB r        9RW                T-38A 
65-10429  BB r        9RW                T-38A 
68-10329  BB r        9RW                U-2S 
80-0164   BB r        9RW                TU-2S? 
80-1066   BB r        9RW                U-2S 
80-1069   BB r        9RW                U-2S 
80-1074   BB r        9RW                U-2S 
80-1079   BB r        9RW                U-2S 
80-1083   BB r        9RW                U-2S 
80-1084   BB r        9RW                U-2S 
80-1089   BB r        9RW                U-2S 
80-1093   BB r        9RW                U-2S 
80-1078   BB r        9RW                TU-2S 
80-1091   BB r        9RW                TU-2S 
80-1092   BB r        9RW                U-2S 

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