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Beale 2006

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Date: 3 June 2006

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61-0028/LA		B-52H		11th BS          
86-0021			C-5B	        21st AS          
83-0075			KC-10A	        60th AMW         
05-5145			C-17A	        729th AS AFRC    
84-0105			C-21A	        84th AF          
85-01607		C-31A	        Golden Knights   
58-0049, 58-0062	KC-135T	        314th ARS AFRC   
60-0346			KC-135T	        314th ARS AFRC   
62-4134/OF		RC-135W	        38th RS          
83-0008/OK	        E-3C	        960th AACS       
89-0475/SJ	        F-15E	        334th FS         
89-0495/SJ	        F-15E	        336th FS         
91-00234	        CH-47D	        140th AVN CA ARNG
70-15578	        OH-58A	        RAID CA ARNG     
.0-..250	        UH-60A	        CA-ARNG          
..-26965	        UH-60D	        nn               
91-0079/XL	        T-1A	        86th FTS         
66-8364/EN	        T-38A	        90th FTS         
64-13281/BB	        T-38A	        1st RS           
68-10331/BB	        U-2S	        99th RS          
80-1064/BB, 80-1065/BB	TU-2S	        1st RS           
80-1071/BB, 80-1090/BB	U-2S	        99th RS          
80-1078/BB, 80-1091/BB	TU-2S	        1st RS           
162572/QT-460		AH-1W	        HMT-303          
165049/QT-454		AH-1W	        HMT-303          
166464/NJ-146		F/A-18F	        VFA-122          
1715			HC-130H	        CGAS Sacramento  
5x			T-38		nn	near parking lot
2x			U-2		nn	in hot cargo area

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