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Beaufort 2007

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Date: 21/22 April 2007

Made by:


61-0021/BD		B-52H		93rd BS AFRC     
01-0190		        C-17A	        437th AW         
88-1677/SJ	        F-15E	        333rd FS         
92-26415	        UH-60L	        A/2-149th AVN
94-00332	        AH-64A	        1-151st AVN SC NG
159584/MD-03	        EA-6B	        VMAQ-3           
161515/5B	        UC-12B	        Beaufort         
165741/EZ	        UC-35C	        MWHS-4           
166511/BH-6511	        KC-130J	        VMGR-252         
163140/VE-201	        F/A-18A	        VMFA-115         
163161/DR-202	        F/A-18A	        VMFA-312         
164264/DC-01	        F/A-18C	        VMFA-122         
164959/ED-01	        F/A-18D	        VMFA(AW)-533     
165200/AB-400	        F/A-18C	        VFA-86           
154010/YM-13	        CH-46E	        HMM-365          
161532/EN-09	        CH-53E	        HMH-464          
162816/E-130	        TH-57C	        HT-8             
165956/EG-00	        MV-22B	        VMM-263          
N974VV		        DC-10-40	Omega Air

88-0329/WM		B-2A		393rd BS   
87-0191/SJ	        F-15E	        333rd FS   
91-0348/SW	        F-16CJ	        77th FS    
94-0048/SW	        F-16CJ	        77th FS    
164105/NY-105	        KC-130T	        VMGR-452   
162821/E-135	        TH-57C	        HT-8       
161967/1, 161959/2	F/A-18A	        Blue Angels
161948/3, 161942/4	F/A-18A	        Blue Angels
163106/5, 162897/6	F/A-18A	        Blue Angels
161943/7		F/A-18B	        Blue Angels
At the end of the flying demonstration on the 21st, Blue Angel number 6 crashed, 
killing the pilot Kevin Davis. More information about this crash was published in 
Scramble 336 - Page 75. Despite this tragic accident on the first day of the show 
weekend, the organisation decided to continue the event the next day, after 
consulting the Blue Angels team.

N7YK			Yak-9 repl.	private  
N44V	                C-47		ex 41-38596      
N45NL	                F4U-5NL	        ex 124692	*
NX86FR	                F-86F	        ex 52-4959	*
N727PW	                OE-1	        ex 156680        
N801RB, N805RB		PT-17	        Red Barons	*
N806RB, N808RB		PT-17	        Red Barons	*
N1171Y			OV-1D	        ex 62-05874      
N3670F	                SNJ-5	        ex 43855         
N5050C	                DH82A	        private          
N7381C	                Beech C18S	as '44-47696'
N8149H	                C-131F		ex 141008            
N8267E	                Bulldog		private              
N8272M	                Jet Provost T4	ex RAF XP567 
N52033	                SNJ-2		ex 2040		*            
N52900	                SNJ-2	        ex 2010		*        
N53780	                PT-17	        private          
N58224	                SNJ-2	        ex 2553		*        
N60734	                SNJ-2	        ex 2032		*        
N62163	                B-25J	        ex 44-86697	*
N62382	                SNJ-2	        ex 2039		*        
N65370	                SNJ-2	        ex 2562		*        
* = also flying

163162/VE-206		F/A-18A		VMFA-115
163173/VE-211		F/A-18A		VMFA-115
164947/EA-06		F/A-18D		VMFA(AW)-332

F/A-18C of VFA-86 'AB':
165201/401	165202/402	165206/406	165174/411	165197/412

F/A-18C of VMFA-122 'DC':
164265/02	164271/05	164273/06	164274/07	164277/12
164278/13	164268/14

F/A-18C of VMFA-251 'AB':
164978/201	164883/202	164891/205	164892/206	164952/207
164910/210	164946/211	164881/212	164950/213

F/A-18A of VMFA-312 'DR':
163129/200	163102/205	163124/210	164889/211

F/A-18D of VMFA(AW)-533 'ED':
164880/02	164876/06	164872/07	164965/12

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