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Biggs 2004

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Date: 23-24 October 2004

Made by:


45+11			Tornado IDS	GAFFTC
86-0026			C-5B		60th AMW        
83-0076			KC-10A	        60th AMW        
84-00177		C-12U-3	        nn              
91-00516		RC-12N	        nn		c/n FE-23   
94-7319			C-130H	        731st AS AFRC   
72-1163/HO		F-4F	        20th FS	"20FS"  
85-1408, 86-0224	F-16C	        150th DSE NM ANG
86-0369			F-16C	        150th DSE NM ANG
82-23747		UH-60A	        US Customs      
84-23967	        UH-60A	        507th MedCo     
90-00911	        Mi-17	        OTSA            
73-22270	        Mi-24P	        OTSA            
68-8014		        T-37B	        89th FTS        
68-8203		        T-38A	        90th FTS        
161553/TS-11	        SH-60B	        HSL-41          
162329/..-00	        SH-60B	        HSL-41          
N34			C-47B	        FAA/Federal Aw  
N34HG	                RC-7B	        nn              
N93JD	                T-34A	        as '55-0225'    
N213SP	                C-45H	        Klein Tools     
N355TT	                Beech B45	as "53-3355/HM"
N578JB	                AT-6F		private                
N797CW	                Ce550	        US Customs      
N846BP	                AS350B3	        US Border Patrol
N867AF	                G120A	        Lufthansa       
N911NA	                B747SR-46	NASA Johnson   
N944NA	                G-II		NASA Johnson           
N1918J	                CeT310R	        Tecma          
N4214M	                Ce402	        private        
N20913	                OH-6A	        El Paso Police 
N75855	                PT-17	        as '41-8.....' 

N177RA			RC-7B		nn

Fenced off area:
2x			Bo105
1x			Mi-2
2x			Mi-8

80-0173/DM, 80-0236/DM	OA-10A		358th FS "355 Wing"
81-0022/FF		F-15C	        71st FS                   
81-0041/FF		F-15C	        94th FS                   
90-0821/SW,91-0353/SW	F-16CJ	        77th FS                   
61-0272			KC-135R	        74th ARS AFRC             
N54NL			EA-300L		Klein Tools
N801RB, N803RB		Boeing A75N1	Red Barons
N805RB, N808RB		Boeing A75N1	Red Barons
N852BP			AS350B3		US Border Patrol
N981RM			DH-4 (replica)	US Mail c/s
N9323Z			B-17G		as '44-83514'
N92144			UH-1H		US Border Patrol
Plus Thunderbirds 1-6.

88-1301?		C-130H		130th AS WV ANG

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