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Boeing-Wichita Field 1989

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Date: 23 September 1989

Made by: Hazel Tyrell


86-0138 b\r      B-1B          384BW/28 BS           "Easy Rider Too" 
57-1487          KC-135R       u/m                   Grey c/s 
65-0702 bk\y     F-4D          186TFG/127TFTS        Egypt 1 c/s 

67-22584         C-9A          u/m (374TAW/20AAS) 
67-22585         C-9A          u/m (374TAW/20AAS)    Primer c\s 
57-1472          KC-135R       u/m                   Grey c\s 
58-0059          KC-135R       u/m                   Primer c\s 
60-0100          KC-135R       u/m                   No Tail 
61-0323          KC-135        u/m                   No Engines 
63-8884          KC-135        u/m                   No Engines 
N60659(23825)    VC-25A        u/m                   (92-9000) 

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