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Brunswick 1980

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Date: 2 August 1980

Made by:


149972/QR-55      A-4E        VMA-322                  NAS So Weymouth 
79-0108/CT        A-10A       103TFG/118TFS CT ANG     Bradley 
161307/7F         UC-12B      NASB                     NAS Brunswick 
149806            KC-130F     Blue Angels 
160627/BH-627     KC-130R     VMGR-252                 MCAS Cherry Point 
161095/AA-011     E-2C        VAW-125 (Forrestall)     NAS Norfolk 
155517/AD-211     F-4J        VF-171KW                 NAS Key West 
161138/AJ-221     F-14A       VF-84 (Nimitz)           NAS Oceania 
160769/LJ-9       P-3C        VP-23                    NAS Brunswick 
152763/LO-6       P-3B        VP-10                    NAS Brunswick 
152759/LC         P-3C        VP-8                     NAS Brunswick 
158519/B-205      TA-4J       VT-22                    NAS Kingsville 
148286/E-215      T-28B       VT-6 
160963/E-963      T-34C       TAW-5                    NAS Whiting 
160505/E          T-34C       TAW-5                    NAS Whiting 
5 87992           T-37B       71 FTW                   Vance AFB 
150546/F-201      CT-39D      VT-86                    NAS Pensacola 
....../QK         UH-1E       HML-771                  NAS So Weymouth 
158230            UH-1N       NASB                     NAS Brunswick 
1386              HH-52       CGAS Cape Cod 
......            .H-53       USN 
158689/DH-433     RH-53D      HM-12                    NAS Norfolk 
12180             CP-121      MR-880 
10732/732         CP-107      VP-415                   CAF Summerside 

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