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Brunswick 1982

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Date: 21 August 1982

Made by:


160977/AG-501   A-6E		VA-165		NAS Oceania 
161307/7F	UC-12B		Base Flt	NAS Brunswick
161421/AD-175	F-14A		VF-101		NAS Oceania
56-3654		KC-135A		101ARW/132ARS	ME ANG  Bangor
160766/LM-6	P-3C		VP-44		NAS Brunswick
160762/LM-2	P-3C UII	VP-44		NAS Brunswick
160145/AR-15	S-3A		VS-SU		NAS Jacksonville
153515/C-519	TA-4J		VT-25		NAS Chase Field
60-0122/OK	T-37B		71 FTW		Vance AFB
161063/D-063	T-44A				NAS Corpus Christi
158764		UH-1N		Base Flt	NAS Brunswick
151405/NW-553	SH-3D		HS-75		NAS Lakehurst
158756/BJ-536	RH-53D		HM-14		NAS Norfolk
12163		CP-121		MR-880 ?	Canada
MM40119/30-04  	Atlantic	30 Stormo	Cagliari/Elmas

Flight Line:
161001/1	P-3C		VP-23
161002/2	P-3C		VP-23
161003/3	P-3C		VP-23
161004/4	P-3C		VP-23
160770/5	P-3C		VP-23

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