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Brunswick 1987

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Date: 15 August 1987

Made by:


161671/WK-500	A-6E		VMA-AW-224	MCAS Cherry Point
162949/KD	AV-8B		VMAT-203	MCAS Cherry Point
......		C-12		nn		?
12187		CP-121		nn		?
162614/AD	E-2C		VAW-120		NAS Norfolk
73-1168/SJ	F-4E		4FTW 334TFS	Seymour Johnson AFB
72-1493/SJ	F-4E		4FTW		Seymour Johnson AFB
81-0769		F-16A		158TFG 134FTS VT ANG
69-6513		FB-111A		380BW		Plattsburg AFB
149806		KC-130F		Blue Angels
57-1505		KC-135E		101ARW 132ARS ME ANG
155435/ER-11	OV-10A		VMO-1		MCAS New River
155447/ER-16	OV-10A		VMO-1		MCAS New River
161013		P-3C		VP-26		NAS Brunswick
161009		P-3C		VP-26		NAS Brunswick
161339/2	P-3C		VP-26		NAS Brunswick
140113/113	CP-140		VP-405		CFB Greenwood
156688/A-975	T-2C		USS Lex. VT-9	NAS Meridian
158138/A-701	TA-4J		CTW-1 VT-7	NAS Meridian
162291/E-291	T-34C		TAW-5		NAS Whiting
160505/E	T-34C		TAW-5		NAS Whiting
133656		CT-133		Canada
66-15331	AH-1S		142AV BN  NY NG
158764		UH-1N		Base Flight	NAS Brunswick
150143/NW-47	SH-2F		HSL-74		NAS So Weymouth
12426		CH-124		Canada

161421?/AD-175	F-14A		VF-101		NAS Oceania
161011		P-3C		VP-26		NAS Brunswick
133593		CT-133		VU-32		CFB Shearwater
And the Blue Angels with their F/A-18s.

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