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Brunswick 1992

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Date: 25 July 1992

Made by:


163686/CG-16	AV-8B		VMA-231			MCAS Cherry Pt.
163687/CG-19	AV-8B		VMA-231			MCAS Cherry Pt.
78-0643/CT	A-10A		103TFG 118TFS  CT ANG
58-0231/K	B-52G		379BW 524BS		Wurtsmouth AFB
69-0015		C-5A		105AG 137MAS  NY ANG
84-0140		C-21A		DET 3 457ALS		Eglin AFB
130314		CC-130E		413sq			CFB Summerside
149788/BH-788	KC-130F	        VMGR-252		MCAS Cherry Pt.
162797/AB-602	E-2C		VAW-123			NAS Norfolk
164387		E-6A	    	VQ-4			NAS Pax. River
71-0259/BA	RF-4C		67RW			Bergstrom AFB
74-1556?/32	F-5E		VF-45			NAS Key West
75-0019		F-15A		116FW 128FS  GA ANG
81-0698		F-16A		158FG 134FS  VT ANG
81-9742		F-16A		158FG 134FS  VT ANG
164223/AG-306	F/A-18C		VFA-136			NAS Cecil Field
4185  44+85	Tornado		JBG32			Lechfeld AB
      45+73	Tornado		JBG31			Norvenich AB
83-0081		KC-10A		2BW			Barksdale AFB
56-3640		KC-135E		101ARW 132ARS  ME ANG
62-3552		KC-135R	  	19ARW 99ARS		Robins AFB
155470/ER-03	OV-10D		VMO-1			MCAS New River
152719/GD-01	P-3B *		VAQ-33			NAS Key West
....../LJ-3	P-3C		VP-23			NAS Brunswick
....../LJ-5	P-3C		VP-23			NAS Brunswick
140115		CP-140		CF			CFB Greenwood
49		Atlantic	French Navy		Nimes/Garons AB
MM40121		Br1150 Atlantic	41 Stormo		Catania AB
160569/NJ-741	S-3A		VS-41			NAS North Island
161032/E-032	T-34C		TAW-5			NAS Whiting Field
60-0075/OK	T-37B		71FTW 8FTS		Vance AFB
62-3702		T-38A		64FTW 54FTS		Reese AFB
60-3475		NT-39B		4950TW			Wrt. Patterson AFB
67-17220	UH-1H		ME NG
69-15171	UH-1V		112Med Co  ME NG
164539		CH-53E		Sikorski/pre delivery
162100-507	SH-60B		HSL-48			NAS Mayport
12428		CH-124		CF        		CFB Sherwater
13504		CH-135		427sq			CFB Petawawa
136248		CH-136		Canada
*   P-3B on acft, but also known as EP-3J

XV246		Nimrod    	RAF
61-0004		B-52H      
161128/LD-8	P-3C
161124/LD-4	P-3C
150519    	UP-3A
161500/7E	UC-12B    
......		A-6
2x		F-14		coded "AD"
3x		P-3C		coded "LJ"

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