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Burbanks 1978

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Date: 23/24 September 1978

Made by:


141311  	EC-121K 		PMTC
38084   	C-141A  		63.MAW
70171   	C-5A    		60.MAW
N1011   	L-1011
80715   	C-130B  		146.TAW Calif ANG
138657  	XFV-1 Salmon    	VTOL design cancelled
145923/LX13     SP-2H   		VF-90 (Still flying?)
N329J   	Jetstar Prototype
N711Z   	Jetstar II
N99K    	Model 12A
N17399  	Model 12A
133572  	CT-33A  CAF
N12L    	Model 18
N12414  	T-33A
N84TB   	T-33A
N9957F(453015)  P-38
NL38DH  	P-38
157993  	S-3A
A9-758#5672     P-3C
......#5671     P-3C
N3380G  	Lasa 60
N9323Z/483514   B-17G
A9-759#5674     P-3C    		Production line
A9-760#5676     P-3C    		Production line
#5673   	P-3C    		USN Production line
#5675   	P-3C    		USN Production line

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