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Cannon 1996

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Date: 6 October 1996

Made by:


86-0132/DY        	B-1B Lancer         	28 BS/7 BW named "Oh! Hard Luck"
86-0123/DY        	B-1B Lancer             7 BW
68-0211               	C-5A Galaxy             337 AS
73-1595/DM        	EC-130H Hercules      	355 Wing
74-2069/DY        	C-130H Hercules         7 Wing
59-1515               	KC-135R Stratotanker 	22 ARW
78-0576/OK        	E-3B Sentry             552 ACW
86-0145.MO        	F-15C Eagle             366 Wing
87-0204/MO        	F-15E Eagle             366 Wing
86-0355/CC         	F-16C Falcon            27 FW       
87-0314/CC              F-16C Falcon            522 FS/27 FW
89-2127/CC              F-16C Falcon            27 FW       
90-0776/CC              F-16C Falcon            524 FS/27 FW
66-0020/CC              EF-111A Raven          	429 ECS/27 FW  
66-0048/CC              EF-111A Raven          	429 ECS/27 FW  
85-0830/HO              F-117A Nighthawk     	49 FW            
93-0630/LB          	T-1A Jayhawk            64 FTW
64-13414/VN       	T-37B                   71 FTW
61-0807/HO         	AT-38B Talon            435 FS/49 FW
65-0219                	C-141B Starlifter       60 AMW
162225/NL-630    	EA-6B Prowler           VAQ-133
160909/AD-137    	F-14A Tomcat            VF-101
157050/F-823       	T-2C Buckeye            CTW-6
158318/F-814       	T-2C Buckeye            CTW-6
N302NT/F-02       	T-39N Sabreliner        CTW-6
45+96                   Tornado IDS             GAF/TTC

66-0028/CC           	EF-111A Raven		429 ECS                     
66-0031/CC              EF-111A Raven           429 ECS                     
66-0033/CC              EF-111A Raven           429 ECS                     
66-0039/CC              EF-111A Raven           429 ECS                     
66-0041/CC              EF-111A Raven           429 ECS                     
66-0046/CC              EF-111A Raven           429 ECS                     
66-0050/CC              EF-111A Raven           429 ECS                     
66-0055/CC              EF-111A Raven           429 ECS                     
67-0032/CC              EF-111A Raven           429 ECS                     
67-0041/CC              EF-111A Raven           429 ECS                     
67-0042/CC              EF-111A Raven           429 ECS                     
67-0044/CC              EF-111A Raven           429 ECS                     
67-0052/CC              EF-111A Raven           429 ECS                     
86-0332/CC              F-16C Falcon            522 FS                      
87-0292/CC              F-16C Falcon            522 FS                      
87-0304/CC              F-16C Falcon            522 FS                      
87-0318/CC              F-16C Falcon            522 FS                      
87-0330/CC              F-16C Falcon            522 FS                      
87-0334/CC              F-16C Falcon            522 FS                      
87-0377/CC              F-16D Falcon            522 FS                      
87-0389/CC              F-16D Falcon            522 FS                      
86-0328/CC              F-16C Falcon            523 FS                      
86-0330/CC              F-16C Falcon            523 FS                      
86-0349/CC              F-16C Falcon            523 FS                      
86-0356/CC              F-16C Falcon            523 FS                      
87-0227/CC              F-16C Falcon            523 FS                      
86-0284/CC              F-16C Falcon            524 FS                      
86-0313/CC              F-16C Falcon            524 FS                      
88-0486/CC              F-16C Falcon            524 FS                      
88-0549/CC              F-16C Falcon            524 FS                      
88-0170/CC              F-16D Falcon            524 FS                      
88-0429/FT            	F-16C Falcon            524 FS                      
88-0433/FT              F-16C Falcon            524 FS                      
88-0439/FT              F-16C Falcon            524 FS                      
88-0512/FT              F-16C Falcon            524 FS                      
89-2006/FT              F-16C Falcon            524 FS                      
89-2054/FT              F-16C Falcon            524 FS                      
8-0153/FT              	F-16D Falcon            524 FS                      
89-2169/FT            	F-16D Falcon            524 FS                      
68-0140/CC      	F-111D                  27 FW named "City of Clovis"

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