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Cannon 1999

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Date: 13 June 1999

Made by:

Updated: 1 August 2002

L-39C                  38(RA)                  ? 
P-51D                  44-73264                Confederate air force 
B-17G                  44-85718                Lone Star Museum 
B-25J                  44-86758                Confederate air force 
B-1B                   86-0123                 7th BW USAF 
F-16C                  codes 1-7               Thunderbirds USAF 
SNJ-6 Texan            112301                  Texas Air Museum 

EC-130E                62-1825                 42nd ACCS USAF 
T-37B                  64-13468                80th TFW USAF 
T-41A                  N5175F                  United Aero 
MC-130P                66-0212                 58th SOW USAF 
F-15C                  80-0047                 57th FW USAF 
A-10A                  82-0662                 355th FW USAF 
B-1B                   86-0132                 7th BW USAF 
F-16C                  86-0303                 27th FW USAF 
F-16C                  86-0357                 27th FW USAF 
TG-7A                  87-0762 (N762AF)        USAF Acadamy 
F-16C                  88-0505                 188th FS NM ANG 
F-15E                  89-0476                 57th FW USAF 
F-16C                  90-0776                 27th FW USAF 
F-16D                  94-0282                 428th FS Singapore AF 
UH-60L                 96-26670                1402nd Med Co OR ARNG 
F/A-18A                162398                  VMFA-112 USMC 
F/A-18A                162467                  VMFA-112 USMC 
SH-60B                 164809                  HSL-47 USN 
HU-25A                 USCG2132                Mobile CG 
HH-60J                 USCG6027                Mobile CG 
HH-65A                 USCG6552                Corpus Christi CG 
T-38A                  66-8380                 80th FTW USAF 

EF-111A                66-0016                 Memorial Park 
F-111A                 (27-234)  63-9771       Memorial Park 
T-33A                  58-0503                 Memorial Park 
RF-101C                (32426)   56-0187       Memorial Park 
F-86H                  (31404)   53-1251       Memorial Park 
F-100D                 (56-3141) 56-2940       Memorial Park 
F-84C                  (11027)   47-1530       Memorial Park 

Back Gate: 
F-84F                  51-1810                 Gate Guard 

C-141B                 66-0160                 62nd AW USAF        Thunderbirds support 

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