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Chattanooga-Lovell Field 2000

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Date: 15 April 2000

Made by:


81-0630		C-130H		700th AS "City of Chattanooga"
56-3609		KC-135E		151st ARS TN ANG
63-7413		GF-4C		Nose section only
82-0964/FS	F-16A		184th FS AR ANG
58-1866/XL	T-37B		85th FTS
161783/AF-00	E-2C		VAW-77
165300/AD-641	E-2C		VAW -120
162428/MB-203	F/A-18A		VMFA-142
160491/E-491	T-34C		TW-5
165458/A-115	T-45C		VT-7
165471/A-128	T-45C		VT-7
43-31909	B-17G		"Nine-O-Nine"
N362YL		SH-34J		'148946' (HMM-362/YL mks)
N2697S		Ce337D		'69-00997' "Twigger Happy"
N5428V		P-51D		'44-73264' "Gunfighter"
N74895		T-34A		'..4895' ex 55-0238

85-1608		C-31A		USA Para Team
161866/AD-153	F-14A		VF-101
....../AD-222?	F-14A		VF-101
6039		HH-60J		8th CGD
6551		HH-65A		8th CGD
N104RB		CF-104D		'Starfighters'
N104RT		CF-104		'Starfighters'
And the Thunderbirds with 7 F-16Cs and a D.

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